The incredible amount for which the River de Gallardo sold!

The incredible amount for which the River de Gallardo sold!

Gallardo or the hen that lays the golden eggs (Prensa River)

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Gallardo or the hen that lays the golden eggs (Prensa River)

To say that Marcelo gallardo he is much more than a football coach at this point there is no revelation. It does not take any clairvoyance to understand that the Doll today is the most important person in the club in regards to sports management at all levels that supports his European salary very, very long: first team, children and youth categories, infrastructure of professional and amateur football, lowering the style line but also the rules of coexistence, applicable codes on and off the pitch.

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Numbers are not his thing, but indirectly yes. Gallardo is aware of the finances and economy of the club, market values ​​and circumstances: he takes into account all these variables to think about what price his players have and what is his budget for reinforcements. Selling Lucas Martínez Wednesday to Fiorentina in a final transfer figure that will reach the u $ s 15,500,000 gross It was the last of the MG cycle and is representative of an export pattern that River showed from the beginning under his sporting mandate alongside Enzo Francescoli. And the departure of Chino is not only emblematic because it is a central marker (the position that in these six years and four months was the most chosen by the buying clubs, who paid for them € 51,585,885 gross) but because it is the most recent link in a sales chain that according to official numbers of the club and sources accessed Ole already add € 169.450.602. Yes, throughout Gallardo’s tenure the club sold for about $ 200 million. And that’s not to mention that in the next few days a pass as long and sloppy as that of Juan Fernando Quintero to the Chinese Shenzhen FC that would leave between eight and ten million more, net, to the Treasury.

In parallel to a financial situation that in recent times, between Macri’s Argentina, the pandemic and ups and downs of the management itself was critical for the club, the number of sales takes on another dimension contrasted with that of signings during the GM cycle, which represented a total investment of € 86,897,950 between purchases and loans with a charge: the difference in favor between departures and arrivals is € 82,552,652, just under US $ 100 million. A shocking number that, from now on, was not the real balance that entered the CARP: the almost 200 million that the markets paid for River players in these years have to be deducted taxes, commissions for intermediaries and / or representatives and percentages that do not they belonged to the club but to other institutions or individuals. Without going any further, of the 15,500,000 dollars that Fiorentina will end up paying for MQ over a year (between a fixed amount and another variable for objectives that except for an imponderable one should meet very easily), it will be 9,947,125 that They will enter the box after deducting the tax charges and the 15% that Kimberley de Mar del Plata had (and that the player himself gave another 15% that would have corresponded to him).

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In the sales area, Chino’s is one of the best 10 in history (and the number one among defenders, narrowly surpassing Funes Mori and Saracchi, who were also MG® exports), but the top ten led by Saviola also entered this period Alario, Driussi and Palacios. Of course, with Monday’s newspaper not all sales were so good. There were footballers like Guido Rodríguez, Facundo Medina and to a lesser extent Gio Simeone (today the three in Selection) who had almost no opportunities and to which time traded them with a much higher market value. And not to mention the cases of footballers who went free or players for whom millions were invested and did not give economic or sporting results such as Lollo, Rossi, Larrondo, Auzqui or Arzura.

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But even so, the balance is impressive for the management of a coach who has a transfer policy that is mainly explained in two planes: incorporate experienced players to play immediately and empower youth (the record purchase of Pratto, Enzo, Pinola, Scocco, etc.) and bet on promises that eventually explode and are priced (Borré, Saracchi, DLC, Alario, Rojas, Carrascal …). And MG’s achievement takes on more value if it is understood that when the Inferiors arrived they were nothing short of devastated: the work that has been carried out at that point for a few years is auspicious for what is coming, with a certain delay. And yeah, the guy wins everywhere.

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