The INE plans to apply a third survey to define the president of Morena from October 16 to 22

The INE plans to apply a third survey to define the president of Morena from October 16 to 22


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The third poll to elect the president of Morena will be from October 16 to 22 and will be carried out by three pollsters who will come out of a draw of the five that have already participated in the process, the National Electoral Institute provides.

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Ramírez Cuéllar asks Morena’s candidates for unity; It is urgent to see for elections in Coahuila and Hidalgo

Mexico City, October 12 (However) .– The National Electoral Institute (OTHER) plans to carry out third survey to choose the President of the National Regeneration Movement party (Brunette) from October 16 to 22. The dispute will be between Porfirio Muñoz Ledo and Mario Delgado.

The agreement will be discussed tomorrow Tuesday by the General Council and the results are expected to be between October 23 and 24.

The Prerogatives and Political Parties Commission proposes that the three pollsters be drawn from the five that have already participated in the process: Covarrubias, Parametría, BGC Ulises Beltrán, Demotecnía 2.0 and Mendoza Blanco.

Claudia Zavala, president of the Commission of Prerogatives and Political Parties of the INE, confirmed the information interview with Azucena Uresti in Formula Group.

“At the INE we are already working and making the proposal to give continuity to the procedure. The council is expected to meet tomorrow and approve the rules for the new survey, “said Zavala.

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Video: Delgado asks to speed up the third survey to renew Morena’s leadership (Dailymotion)

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Mario Delgado asks the INE to speed up the dates of the survey that defines the leadership of Morena

Deputy Mario Delgado, one of the two finalists to lead Morena, on Monday asked the electoral authority to speed up the tiebreaker poll to define the new leader of the party of the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“I am writing to the electoral authorities to request that, as soon as possible, the new calendar, methodology and pollsters for the third phase be defined for the renewal of the national presidency of Morena,” Delgado said while attending the INE headquarters .

Delgado, Morena coordinator in the Chamber of Deputies, and Deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo will dispute the leadership of López Obrador’s party in a poll that should break their technical tie in the INE poll. Muñoz Ledo obtained 25.34 percent and Delgado 25.29 percent.

The politician said that “it is essential to streamline the tiebreaker process and safeguard its integrity, avoiding further controversies and ensuring that the guidelines that the participants accept and sign from the beginning are respected.”

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If López Obrador wants a party, let him support me: Porfirio; there is little brunette and a lot of movement, he says

After the result of the INE survey, Muñoz Ledo and Delgado engaged in a war of declarations and disqualifications especially of the former, who this Monday tried unsuccessfully to proclaim himself president of Morena.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador refused to comment on the chaos unleashed by his party’s leadership, although he said it is “something very common” in politics.

He pointed out that the chaos in Morena is “something very common in the parties” and invited them to “come to an agreement.” In addition, he separated the government that leads from any situation of Morena, because the parties represent only “a part” of the population, and said that the “transformation of Mexico” that he wants to carry out is “a plural, broad and inclusive movement “Which” has to do with citizens and not with parties. ”

The INE recalled that before the survey all applicants signed a document in which they accepted that, in the event of declaring a tie due to the narrow margins of statistical error, “a new survey would be carried out to determine a winner.”

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