“The island is still used as a hotspot. The hospitality business has restarted”


That the invasion of migrants has restarted is undeniable. The commissioner of the League for Sicily, Senator Stefano Candiani, is aware of this.


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What is the situation in Lampedusa?

“It’s out of control again. To the extent that the Contrada Imbriacola facility is filled and then the illegal immigrants are transhipped onto the quarantine ships, it means that the island continues to be used by the Italian government as the great hotspot of Italy.”

What could be the solution?

“Since they are mostly Tunisians who do not have the right to stay, I wonder why the ships on which they are quarantined don’t bring them back. On the other hand, the executive has modified the Security Decrees by widening the categories in a crazy way that they can apply for asylum. To think, they have also included artistic reasons. This says that they have basically sent a message, namely that smugglers can resume their action, which will not be opposed with kidnappings. The other message is to those who are on the Italian territory: the hospitality management business can restart immediately “.

What should we expect, then?

“In the next few days the cooperatives with annexes and connected will be operational again. They will shortly redistribute illegal immigrants around the municipalities, without there being work or the possibility of integration in Italy, but with a certainty, that these will be borne by the Italians who will have to shell out billions of euros “.

So you say the government is making numerous mistakes?

“Instead of committing to change Dublin, they dismantle the Italian Security Decrees because Salvini made them, knowing full well that Dublin gives the country of entry the responsibility of managing the asylum seeker. They know very well that whoever enters Italian territory will stay there for the next few years. years. Repatriations have always been a problem, but it is not a reason to bring in other migrants on the national territory. It is madness. They are not making agreements with other countries for re-entry, but it is clear that they have restarted the smugglers’ mechanism and the hospitality business. If Salvini had been in a similar situation in Lamorgese’s place he would have been lynched “.

Minister Lamorgese says Covid is not a problem among migrants. Is that so?

“In France, the ferry arriving from Morocco is blocked and diverted to Genoa because there is a risk that they will be infected on board. Here illegal immigrants disembark, of whom nothing is known, neither about the criminal history, nor about health, but the government remains immobile. Which then 2% of the total arrivals in 2020 is a huge number. In reality they want to hide that they are unable and do not have a management policy “.

Could it be that 900 migrants arrived in a few hours?

“It is impossible that such small vehicles can come directly from Tunisia. It is obvious that there are mother ships. It is said that the patrols are constant. In reality the Coast Guard acts as a taxi, going out to fetch immigrants a few miles out. patrols were real they would go to intercept the mother ships. The means are there “.


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