The Lakers’ dirty play that tried to get Butler out of Game 5

The Lakers' dirty play that tried to get Butler out of Game 5

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A real game of Finals It was lived this Friday between Los angeles lakers and the Miami Heat. A vibrant battle had fans of the NBA glued to the television until the last seconds of the meeting. LeBron James and company knew that the goal was to stop Jimmy Butler, how to do it?

They brought in a superhero for that task, is a saying, since at Lakers’ ‘Superman’ was assigned to take Butler out of the game. Dwight howard tried to deconcentrate Butler in every way: trash talk, provocation and even they almost went to blows with Jimmy in a box out.

The spirits were red hot and with 6:43 minutes in the third quarter clock Jae Crowder tried a triple that the basket told him no. Butler was focused on everything and boxed to perfection to win the rebound from Howard, but the ill-intentioned blow, according to the referee’s charge, was yet to come.

Butler grabbed the rebound, hit the basket and in the fall received a slap from Howard in the face. Missing, missing! He yelled, obviously in English, the Heat bench and the umpires agreed. Jimmy scored two points, went to the line of sighs for one more and the villain in the story was charged flagrantly type one.

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The Lakers’ strategy with Dwight Howard is more than clear: provoking rivals, a lot of physical contact and excessive trash talk against the star of the rival team. In this case, the formula against Jimmy Butler didn’t work because the Heat figure wasn’t intimidated.


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