The lousy postures of the Home Office

The lousy postures of the Home Office

Mercedes D´Acosta

Everything you are doing wrong and the ways it is affecting your body.

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Everything you are doing wrong and the ways it is affecting your body.

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When we started to change our bad habits for WORST POSTURE HABITS and sedentary lifestyle, it seemed like it was going to be for a couple of months, as nobody is new that couple of months has already transformed into an initial 7-8 months and we don’t know how long more we will have this adaptation to work / study from home, but above all to have so little movement in a small and adapted space.

The chair is the cigarette or bad habit of this new century and now, EVERYTHING is complicated and we are talking about damages, injuries and crises with unimaginable scope.

Surely many will identify with the fact that to adapt a work space or study at home they chose a chair, probably from the dining room, or the TV chair that seemed comfortable; a table that was there in the house, the one in the dining room or put the laptop on your lap …

We stop moving

The problem is that we stopped moving, before the one who was sedentary moved very little, perhaps between 2,000 and 4,000 steps a day when it was going well. With this pandemic in many cases this figure decreased to less than 500 daily steps.

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Many began to exercise at home and they applauded, but an hour of movement does not compensate for so long without moving

In Mexico we do not yet have statistics on physical back pain crises, but in Australia, for example, it is estimated that 40% of the population that is doing Home Office has low back pain, neck pain and tension headaches: 1 / 4 of these, I had never experienced these pains before.

Why does everything hurt?

The muscles are in charge of moving, activating or participating with other systems such as circulatory, cardiorespiratory, gastric, lymphatic, … And above all to protect the Nervous System, they are not working, they are weakening and in many cases deactivating and in other cases tensing or contracting more and more as a protective reaction, as if they were a girdle or collar due to the injury that is or is being formed.

What do we do?

The first thing is to have a work area but with some essential requirements:

A chair with lumbar support and if you do not have access to an ergonomic chair, we will replace it by putting a pillow that goes horizontally on the lower back. From “top” of the belt, to where it arrives and sit well recharged.

Have a box or bench where we can alternate our feet or raise them simultaneously to avoid slipping and also that the feet can be entertained with movement without crossing, tense or hurting.

The monitor, IPad or where they are working at eye level, if they do not have an ideal support, make one with one or more boxes until you achieve the correct height.

The keyboard has to be comfortable on your hands and wrists, in addition to the mouse. We need that if it is a Tablet or Laptop you get a separate keyboard and that it is comfortable with the “right” wrists without flexing them and the elbows flexed at approximately 90 °.

The chair must be able to be put under the table so that we can bring our body closer to the table and not lose the backrest.

Another basic tip is that next to this work table we have a piece of furniture or shelf where we can migrate our computer but we remain comfortable when standing. It will probably also include some boxes to find the height of the monitor and the keyboard, it must have the same characteristics as on the table and a bench to be able to alternate the feet.

The challenge #enhorasparesmeparo “In even hours I stop”.

This means that every time I see that it is an even hour of the day like 10, 12, 2, 4, 6 … That hour I will do my work, meeting or class stopped.


If you have neck or back pain from being without moving for a long time, try to put 20 min of ice wrapped in a cloth in that area of ​​pain 2 times a day, as it reduces inflammation, in many cases it will reduce the discomfort. Try it unless you have cold or cold or illness symptoms.

It does not solve the problem but in many cases it lowers the inflammation, this lowers the pain and will make you feel better.

If the pain continues for more than 1 week, it is difficult for it to resolve without you attending, see a Chiropractor with a professional license.


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