The Meditation Pods arrive, the cocoons to meditate

The Meditation Pods arrive, the cocoons to meditate – ​​A device that could help meditation even in times of great anxiety like these.

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A company, called OpenSeed, has developed a “capsule” of about 5 square meters, which looks like a seed, and which aims to isolate the person from the outside and allow him to relax, meditate and regenerate.

These devices have been called Meditation Pods, and their creator, Jonathan Marcoschamer has indicated how this space for meditation can guarantee privacy and isolation from a visual and auditory point of view, and beyond.

In fact, the Meditation Pod has also been designed to integrate, within it, different therapeutic modalities that will help people to reach a state of awareness and calm.

The Meditation Pods have, for example, several LEDs inside that allow you to create an atmosphere that is certainly collected and capable of stimulating concentration and meditation, as well as essential oil diffusers and an audio system that can generate music with vibrations that will help to reconcile mental and physical recovery.

In addition, it will also be possible to follow guided meditations, use anti-noise headphones, and you can also add a UV light that will disinfect the Pod in just 45 seconds.

At this point you may be wondering where you can try this device.

The company has announced that the Pods will be available inside some international airports starting from 2021, and for the moment they will be available for employees of some airlines, as well as for selected customers.

Finally, the company has an agreement with some luxury hotel chains, such as one in Virginia and the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, a five-star hotel located in Switzerland.


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