The menu for the week from October 12 to 18, 2020

The menu for the week from October 12 to 18, 2020

The menu for the week from October 12 to 18, 2020

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The menu for the week from October 12 to 18, 2020

In this taste week, we have decided to whip up an all-you-can-eat autumn menu, but above all full of great ideas that are super quick and easy to prepare. Hop hop hop, in 30 minutes flat, develop a complete one pot pasta, forest eggs, a sautéed pork with caramel that makes you travel, a praline verrine that comforts the morals at half mast … Have a nice week!



Monday October 12: One pot pasta chicken, goat cheese, spinach

A casserole, 30 minutes, and a complete and family dish? The dream ! And it can come true, if! Get started in a one pot pasta, garnished with chicken, goat cheese and spinach and you will have everything everyone needs in one dish.

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Tuesday 13 October: Papillote of butternut with feta

Butternut is in the fall what the zucchini is in the summer: the essential vegetable to cook at will! Also, to vary the pleasures, we suggest you prepare it as the centerpiece of the meal, instead of meat or fish. Then prepare it by papillote, drizzled with orange juice, then garnished with feta. A recipe ready in 30 minutes that you can accompany with rice, quinoa, small spelled to make a complete dish.

Wednesday October 14: forest egg casserole, pumpkin, chestnut

The egg casserole is the perfect idea for dinner. It is quickly ready, it is available according to the season and the contents of its fridge and above all, it is deliciously comforting. Plan a good fresh baguette to savor this forest version on pumpkin puree. The pumpkin, this squash so practical because it does not peel: guaranteed time saving!

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Thursday October 15: Caramel pork stir-fry

Travel atmosphere tonight. We are embarking on a great classic of Asian cuisine: the Sautéed Pork In Caramel. The title may give the impression of a complicated recipe and yet: not at all! It’s very simple, to make the caramel, just don’t touch anything! The sugar melts, colors and caramelizes on its own. All you have to do is add the previously browned meat, onions and carrots, and water. Leave to cook until the sauce becomes glistening, shiny, like a gourmet lacquer on the meat.

Friday October 16: Cod with bacon and potatoes

Fish is not always unanimous at the table. If at home, it’s grimace soup with the statement of a marine dish, try this recipe where bacon and potatoes come to appease the most reluctant. In a creamy and generous sauce, cod (or any other white fish) becomes downright more seductive! Also take advantage of this good sauce for y slip a parsnip, which will bring a lot of flavor and the portion of vegetables needed to make it a truly complete dish.

Saturday October 17: Full of sweet spices

Today, spices are in the spotlight. Not necessarily the spices that heat very hot like chili, no. Sweet spices, those which perfume, which bewitch, which transform an ordinary dish into a memorable recipe. We start the meal with Moroccan pimped grated carrots : segments and orange juice, honey and cumin seeds.

To follow, put in the oven a Lamb shoulder. It’s easy because it cooks on its own, without the hassle. You can even add a plate of vegetables to roast in the oven. And above all, coat this piece of lamb well with honey and curry, cumin … your kitchen will embalm with delight!

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And finally, what’s better than gingerbread? Toast a few slices, reduce them to powder and transform into crumble With butter. On apples and / or pears, this is an easy dessert and really delicious.

Sunday October 18: Comfort!

On Sunday there are two schools. Those who get up early and make the most of this day, and those who sleep in and stay in their pajamas all day. But in any case, everyone will join together with pleasure around a menu full of comfort. A velvety leek potato soup as a starter, very soft, very smooth.

As a main course, what could be better than old-fashioned veal blanquette ? Make it according to the rules of the art, following the advice of a chef to succeed at least as well as our grandmothers.

Old-fashioned veal blanquette: which pieces to choose and Thierry Marx’s tip for super soft meat

Finally, for dessert, praline verrines absolutely crazy. Praline mousse, whipped cream, what happiness! Ideally prepare a few hours before so that the foams have time to set sufficiently.


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