The menu for the week from October 26 to November 1, 2020

The menu for the week from October 26 to November 1, 2020

The menu for the week from October 26 to November 1, 2020

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The menu for the week from October 26 to November 1, 2020

We’ll have to get used to the idea: November is coming. That said, we chose to see the glass half full and find there the perfect excuse to eat a little richer than usual. A squash gratin with Beaufort, an oven-baked truffade, a super generous Michalak-style French toast, a turkey osso-bucco … In short, this week, we’re gaining strength and warming up from the inside!



Monday October 26: Squash gratin with Beaufort

Start the week in color with the star of fall cooking: squash! Prepare it as a gratin, largely covered with Beaufort, this cheese from Savoie with an inimitable fondant. A recipe that can stand on its own or accompany a grilled chicken breast or a soft-boiled egg, for example.

The right technique for peeling a butternut squash

Tuesday October 27: Quiche with four cheeses

What could be easier to make than a quiche? Ah the quiche! We offer it with everything we have in the fridge, it’s the perfect recipe to improvise a meal that will please the greatest number.

On this Tuesday, we really want to make a generous one and put 4 cheeses. To serve, a well-vinegared green salad will be essential, because it will counterbalance the fat and make everything slide.

Joël Robuchon’s amazing herb salad

Wednesday October 28: Kedegeree

If we say “rice” do you mean … Cantonese rice? Risotto? What if you discovered new horizons? Today we suggest you prepare a kedgeree ! This Indian dish is obviously very fragrant, and above all very practical and quick to make.

You can replace the haddock in this recipe by another fish or even by bacon, you will save even more preparation time!

Thursday October 29: Chicken soup with coral lentils

At the end of the week, fatigue is felt and we sometimes find ourselves dreaming of soup and in bed! But what a great idea meal soup ! Put red lentils, chicken, flavor with a leek, lemon, coriander, a cube of chicken broth and voila.

A meal soup and in bed!

Friday October 30: Cream pasta, tomatoes, cheese and tuna

A thousand and one ways to prepare tuna pasta ! But in any case, this pasta dish will delight the whole family and will hardly take more than 30 minutes to make, watch in hand. In this version, we give pride of place to gluttony adding cream and cheese to our favorite canned fish. The dinner is thus complete!

Saturday October 31: Super cozy meal

What to do with leftover cooked vegetables lying around in the fridge? Bring them back to life with eggs ! Hop, a base of vegetables in a ramekin, a drizzle of cream, one or two diced cheese and / or ham, then we break an egg on top and zou, in the oven. Watch the cooking, it will take about ten minutes, more or less depending on the oven!

It’s the end of the month, but our gluttony, it does not know the crisis. Get started in making a osso bucco low price. Yes, in this recipe, turkey replaces the traditional veal. Or how to cut the bill in half, hehe. When it comes to flavors, however, we don’t lose anything. Sprinkle generously with Parmesan (or its equivalent bon marché: grana padano) freshly grated, some fresh pasta and … treat yourself.

Don’t throw away the Parmesan crusts anymore!

We remain in the same dynamic by recovering our pieces of stale bread which will transform into a dessert worthy of a world pastry champion. Oh, by the way, – coincidence? -, it is THE French toast recipe from a world pastry champion that we give you. Yes, that of Christophe Michalak himself.

Sunday November 1: Originality in the air

You bought a celery ball, but apart from the celery remoulade, you have no ideas to accommodate it? Sharpen the knife and slice it, then slice an apple (apple + celery = yum) and test this recipe from samurai apple celery. A sort of millefeuille, something to surprise with a starter like no other.

To follow this meal, we suggest that you embark on a baked truffade. In this season of melted cheese, raclettes, tartiflettes and other fondues are going well. And if you left the essentials for a moment, to this recipe made in Cantal, less known but just as delicious, where potato and tomme bind together with relish.

End with an exotic note by inviting the feet ! A fruit too little known and yet delicious, which can be enjoyed raw but which will also know how to sublimate and renew the genre of classic desserts, such as a simple crumble.

Do you know how to eat persimmon?


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