The new anti Covid measures are coming, close on nightlife and private parties

The new anti Covid measures are coming, close on nightlife and private parties

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AGI – Strict nightlife, stop at soccer matches and ban on playing contact sports, limits on private parties with no more than 30 guests for weddings and baptisms, no sale of alcohol after 10pm and no parking in front of bars, restaurants and bar from 9pm until 6am. The possible reduction of the maximum capacity of means of transport is also being examined, passing from the current 80% to 50%. They are some of the new restrictive anti-Covid measures that the government is working on, in view of the new Dpcm which could be signed by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte as early as tomorrow, 12 October.

The new data on the coronavirus epidemic are of great concern, so much so that one has been called for today urgent meeting of the Scientific Technical Committee called to comment on the new containment measures after the surge in infections in recent days. The Minister of Health Roberto Speranza participates in the summit. And tomorrow, before the launch of the new measures, a further meeting could take place between the government and the Regions.

“The next few months will be difficult – explained Speranza yesterday – even if we are not like other European countries, such as France, Great Britain and Spain, which have many more cases every day. But the circulation of the virus is still significant,” so we have to raise the guard level. ”

Meanwhile, after the green light to extension of the state of emergency until January 31, 2021 and the obligation to use masks even outdoors, the executive is evaluating further restrictions, which will be contained in the provision that will have to confirm and update the rules in force. The executive’s goal is to avoid a return to the acute phase of the pandemic and a new lockdown, but if necessary, more restrictive measures than the current ones could be adopted, such as limited ‘mini lockdowns’.

We could therefore pass – this is one of the scenarios in the field – from strengthening the distancing with local ‘red areas’, smart working and school closures depending on the number of registered infections. A ‘squeeze’ accompanied by the contraction of the opening hours of bars and restaurants, and of the ways to attend them. But among the possible scenarios, should the contagious situation worsen further, there is also the hypothesis of a ban on travel between regions and a reduction in the number of hours of school lessons in the presence. A series of precautions that, according to rumors, could also involve parties and dinners in private homes, which would be the primary source of new infections from Covid 19.

Interventions are also being studied to make the tampon system work more quickly and effectively, such as recourse to rapid tests (believed to be 95% reliable) carried out by general practitioners and pediatricians, then subjecting only those who test positive to the swab. The fiduciary isolation could be reduced to 10 days, from the current 14.

Among other things, the government is considering the hypothesis of a strong recommendation that masks be worn even in homes if in the presence of non-cohabitants, as well as confirming the limitation of attendance at conferences and public events indoors (maximum one thousand people at the open if allowed by the conditions) and the prohibition of outdoor gatherings, including squares and gardens.


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