The new children’s law will suspend the visitation regime of abusers

The new children's law will suspend the visitation regime of abusers

Victoria Rosell

Victoria Rosell

The Government delegate against Gender Violence, Victoria Rosell, announced this Wednesday that the future law for the protection of children and adolescents will include the suspension of children’s visitation when his father has abused his mother and she has a protection order.

This law has incorporated two amendments to protect minors, children of victims of gender violence, said Rosell before the Commission for the monitoring and evaluation of the Agreements of the State Pact on Gender Violence of the Congress of Deputies.

The first is that the judges are obliged to suspend the visitation regime of a parent denounced for gender violence when protective orders have been issued for the mother and there evidence that the children have been exposed to such violence.

Another amendment is intended to reinforce that judges remove joint custody from parents in cases of gender violence.

This organic law for the comprehensive protection of children and adolescents against violence, in which the Vice President of Social Rights also works prevent minors from having to visit their father in jail when he has been convicted of gender violence and will end the application of the so-called parental alienation syndrome in the granting of custody of minors.

Around the commemoration of November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the Ministry of Equality will celebrate an act of tribute to the victims of sexist violence and Rosell showed his desire for it to be an act in which all political forces and institutions participate.

“My dream is that we could do a joint act, of the country, we owe a state tribute to all the victims -of sexist violence- “, said Rosell.

The delegate also advanced that in November they will be launched three awareness campaigns against sexist violence aimed at the general population, adolescents and men, the latter to prevent violence that is not identified as such and has to do with shouting, harassment and humiliation.

Rosell criticized during his appearance the intervention of the deputy of Vox Carla Toscano, who insisted that violence has no sex and accused the Government of having a “false concern for women” when what it hides is “greed and lust for power”.

The delegate has asserted that parliamentary immunity cannot be used to “deplete the democratic institution” which is Parliament.

From the PP and Vox they asked Rosell about the imputation of the magistrate of the Constitutional Court Fernando Valdés -what He resigned from his position this Wednesday– for an alleged crime of bad treatments.

The delegate defended that the Delegation cannot pronounce on people who have not been tried, for respecting their presumption of innocence: “I have never mentioned the name of any accused, accused or suspected of sexist violence, we work on the victims,” ​​he settled.


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