The new restrictions come into force in Catalonia after being published in the Official Gazette

The new restrictions come into force in Catalonia after being published in the Official Gazette

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The new restrictions decreed by the Catalan Government for the containment of covid-19, such as closing of bars and restaurants, They have entered in force after being published this morning in the Official Gazette of the Generalitat of Catalonia (DOGC), with the exception of three sections that conditions the prior authorization by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC).

The government has not waited for the endorsement of the TSJC to publish this resolution of the Department of Health, signed by the Minister Alba Vergés and the Minister of the Interior, Miquel Samper, with the new measures to contain the epidemic outbreak, which in recent days has triggered the number of new infections in the Catalan community.

After receiving the request from the Generalitat, The TSJC asked the regional administration this Thursday morning to clarify, of urgent waywhich of its measures to stop the pandemic in Catalonia affected fundamental rights.

In addition, the contentious chamber of the Catalan high court urged the Government to correct some defects in the form of the letter sent, which did not include a signature, date, or number of the decree that is being reviewed by the TSJC.

Until the TSJC is pronounced

In this sense the resolution published this Friday in the DOGC indicates that, until the TSJC is pronounced, Sections 4 are suspended, relative to family and social gatherings and / or gatherings, number 6, with respect to provisions that affect religious acts, and number 12, regarding university teaching activities.

As the Government had announced, the resolution suspends restoration activities, in all types of premises and establishments, which can be provided exclusively through home delivery services or collection at the establishment by appointment.

However, Hotel restaurants and other tourist accommodation are excluded from this suspension, which can remain open as long as it is for the exclusive use of their customers.

The resolution establishes in section 2, as a general recommendation to the population, that avoid non-essential travel and stay at home.

The resolution establishes measures to control access and capacity in real time for retail establishments of more than 400 square meters

In section 3 it refers to the reinforcement of prevention and hygiene measures in the workplace, emphasizing measures that allow “to limit the mobility of workers as much as possible, prioritizing remote work, teleworking and telematic meetings” .

In section 4 the prohibition of meetings and / or encounters (family and social) of more than six people, unless they belong to the same “bubble of coexistence”.

Measures in trade

The resolution states access and capacity control measures in real time for business premises and establishments retailer of more than 400 square meters and of those located in collective commercial establishments, with organizational measures to guarantee the safety distance and the limitation of capacity to 30%.

In section 6, relating to religious acts and civil ceremonies, attendance is limited to 50% of the capacity, a percentage that also applies to sports facilities and for cultural activities of performing and musical arts, cinema or exhibitions in stable venues, both indoors and outdoors, with pre-allocation of locations and record of contact details.

On the other hand, they remain postponed all sports competitions scheduled in Catalonia, with the exception of official national, international and professional competitions, and the opening to the public of parks and amusement fairs is suspended.


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Section 12 establishes, with the agreement of the Interuniversity Council of Catalonia, the suspension of face-to-face theoretical teaching at the university level, and the organization of classes in virtual format, without affecting other activities, such as practicals.

Specifies the resolution that Educational activities, child and youth leisure activities are not affected (including after-school) and socio-educational intervention activities (socio-educational intervention services and open centers), including school transportation.


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