the new rules for entering the regions

the new rules for entering the regions

L’obligation to wear a mask and social distancing, by now, they are a mantra. Since March, they are the only two rules that have never changed. Unfortunately, with the increase in new cases of Covid 19 in Italy, the restrictions have returned and with them also the decrees, which are updated according to the improvement or worsening of the situation, on a weekly basis.

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Sicily, Sardinia, Puglia and Calabria intensify the regulations already in force with further parameters for entering the region. Here are the rules to follow:

In Sicily it is necessary to check in and register on the portal Sicily Safe.

Video: More stringent measures to avoid lockdown (Mediaset)

In Sardinia until 23 October the swab for those entering the region and registration on the portal are mandatory SardiniaSafe.

Reporting form for the Puglia which intensifies controls for those entering the region. For residents it will be sufficient to inform their doctor while, for tourists, it will be necessary to self-report at the ASL closest to the municipality in which they will stay.

In Calabria, the site dedicated to the Covid emergency, it will record all entrances, excluding people who arrive for work needs


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