The next few weeks will be tough for every zodiac sign

The next few weeks will be tough for every zodiac sign

Today the cosmos opens a new door – what awaits us behind it is unfortunately not very positive. The stars will not be good for the next few weeks

Zodiac sign hard times istock

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Zodiac sign hard times istock

Now even astrology laypersons know: If a planet is in decline, it doesn’t mean anything good. Somehow everything is not going well. The mood is at zero, interpersonal relationships are tense and in everyday life even the little things seem to want to annoy us 24/7 (the bus drives away in front of our noses, the handles of the packed shopping bag tear, one loses the front door key, etc.). Do you recognize yourself there? No wonder, because Mars has been retrograde since September 10, 2020. That planet, which among other things stands for aggression. If you don’t want to lose your positive attitude and are now thinking “Everything has an end, even retrograde”, then we have to put a damper on you. Because as of today, the cosmos goes one better.

The cosmic chaos begins

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As if the so-called “Mars Retrograde” weren’t enough, Mercury will also start retrograde today (October 14, 2020). And if we have learned one thing, it is exactly THAT the icing on the cake of negative energies. The Mercury return begins today in Scorpio – yes, that zodiac sign that somehow stands for a lot of darkness, madness and negativity. The experts agree: This planetary constellation means not only a double but a triple frustration for everyone.

How long does the dark phase last?

Fortunately, Mercury does not burden us forever. Its return lasts until November 3rd, that of Mars until November 14th, 2020. Hopefully the year will have at least a few nice surprises in store in the last few weeks. As is well known, hope dies last, right?

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