The Nissan Leaf breaks myths about electrics

The Nissan Leaf breaks myths about electrics

With the Nissan Leaf The Japanese brand became the first vehicle manufacturer in the world to produce a 100 percent electric vehicle for the mass market.


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Nissan will participate in an autonomous mobility project

As part of a campaign on awareness about electric vehicles, the brand demystifies four concepts about electric cars using as an example Nissan Leaf.

This is because many people have little up-to-date ideas on the subject and thus seek to promote greater adoption among the public of electric mobility.

Nissan Leaf

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Nissan Leaf

The 4 myths that the Nissan Leaf has broken electric cars

They are not fast

The Nissan Leaf has an acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in just 7.9 seconds.

With fewer moving parts and a powerful electric motor, electric vehicles accelerate faster than those with gasoline engines.

They have little autonomy

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The second generation of the Nissan Leaf in Mexico has a range of approximately 240 km of autonomy, which is equivalent to traveling four times the entire length of the Peripheral Ring in Mexico City.

In urban driving conditions, most people drive an average of 50 kms per day.

In addition, its revolutionary e-Pedal system that transforms the driving experience by allowing acceleration and braking with a single pedal.

There is nowhere to recharge

Currently there are many charging points and the infrastructure in Mexico continues to grow.

Nissan’s charging points for electric vehicles are located nationwide through its more than 230 distribution agencies.

There are also 70 additional points installed in public spaces in the main cities of the country such as shopping centers, universities, restaurants, among others.

All Leaf vehicles include a free level 2 home charger at the time of purchase, which takes 6 to 8 hours to fully recharge.

As well as a level 1 emergency charger, which takes around 12 to 16 hours to reach 100% of the battery capacity.

They are not exciting to drive

It’s not often known that electric vehicles offer an exciting and fun driving experience, yet the possibilities are endless.

Nissan recently ran a drifting demonstration aboard a Nissan Leaf and demonstrated its ability to produce maximum torque and force.

Nissan presented an electric prototype for emergencies


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