The pandemic has been accelerating widely in Europe for a week

The pandemic has been accelerating widely in Europe for a week


The coronavirus pandemic has greatly accelerated in Europe in a week. The number of new cases has increased by 34%, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO). It increased by 10% worldwide to reach a new record.

According to these indications published Monday evening and which carry until Sunday morning, nearly 2.3 million new cases have been observed in total. Behind Europe, they are increasing in all regions, except part of Asia where they fell by 6%.

On the death side, the number of new victims is down by 1%, to more than 39,000. By region, Europe is only third with an increase of 16%, behind Africa and the Western Pacific at more than a quarter. In total, the number of verified cases worldwide exceeds 37 million, although the WHO estimates that more than 20 times as many people have probably been infected. Over a million victims died.

On Monday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus spoke out against policies aimed at obtaining collective immunity. We must not let the Covid-19 spread freely in society, added the boss of the organization.

Fewer infections among healthcare workers

WHO has also announced that the rate of infections among health workers has fallen significantly. According to data collected from 83 states, the share of nearly 15% previously in many countries is now close to that of the rest of the population, at around 3%.

A month ago, the World Council of Nurses (CII), based in Geneva, affirmed that up to 3,000 nurses could have succumbed to Covid.

Another indication, he mentioned 10% of infections on average among these health workers. And 2.9 million of them could have been infected with the coronavirus, also added this organization.


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