The PDECat starts the primaries to choose a candidate

The PDECat starts the primaries to choose a candidate

Chacón Angels

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Chacón Angels

He PDECat he begins to fly alone and today he has no intention of stopping. Two of his best-known faces have been clear in interviews with The vanguard : “We do not need anyone else to go to the elections”, expressed a few days ago the spokesman of the formation, Marc Solsona; “We will go alone,” said the former company councilor more confidently on Sunday. Chacón Angels. Four months to go February 14th, when elections are scheduled in the Parliament, and the possibility of an alliance with the Nationalist Party of Catalonia (PNC) of Marta Pascal will plan a few weeks. For now, the PDECat seems to have it clear. And he has it so much that yesterday he decided to launch the electoral machinery to elect his candidates in primaries for the Catalan elections.

The party leadership approved it after receiving the endorsement of the party’s national council last week, with 85% of the votes.

As of tomorrow, the deadline for submitting applications opens, which will end on October 21. The internal process to choose a candidate for the presidency of the Generalitat will end on November 2. It will be from then on when the procedure to choose each of the candidates from the Catalan demarcations begins. The result will be made public at the end of November.

So far, the most relevant candidacy made public by the party chaired by David Bonvehí is that of Àngels Chacón. The former company councilor wants to lead the PDECat in Parliament and seems to have the support of Marc Solsona and Marc Castells, mayor of Igualada, two of the most visible figures of PDECat.

It can still rain a lot until the electoral contest and, despite the public rejection of an understanding with Pascal, in the PDECat there are those who verify that they share political space, but they believe that in a joint candidacy Pascal “would have to accept the leadership” of figures from the PDECat.

What is clear is that those of Bonvehí have completely disregarded Junts, Carles Puigdemont’s party, after unsuccessful negotiations and the judicial process opened by the acronym of JxCat. While PDECat has already started the primary process, Junts is in the thick of it and has yet to open it. The party headed by the former president of the Generalitat and Jordi Sànchez, secretary general and former leader of the ANC, has to approve almost a month from now, on November 7 and 8, the internal regulations for primaries to draw up the electoral lists.

Lacking to know if Puigdemont will run for the Generalitat, the deputy in Madrid Laura Borràs and the Minister of Territory, Damià Calvet, have applied to head the list.


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