The perfect meeting: Munich startup optimizes business travel

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Business trips are stressful and can get on your nerves. A Munich startup is trying to find the perfect meeting location with its software.

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Especially in large corporations or companies with several scattered offices, they are often unavoidable: Meetings with colleagues from other locations. Often such business trips are quite stressful for the participants. A survey by the German Travel Association showed that eight out of ten business travelers feel stressed at least sometimes when they are on the road again. Almost a quarter rate the stress level as high or very high. Reason enough to tackle the tiresome topic of business travel and optimize it. Christian Hieronimi, who founded the startup “CONVIEN” in Graefelfing near Munich in 2010, thought that too.

Focus on cost and time savings and environmental friendliness

The startup has set itself the goal of making meetings and business trips more efficient at all levels. In addition to time and cost savings, the Munich-based company is also focusing on climate friendliness. How does your product work specifically?

With the “Meeting Place Finder” software, the startup company determines the perfect meeting place for all participants. The input that the software needs is relatively small: only the locations of the participants have to be entered and the software searches for the optimal location.

Low flight costs are not always optimal when the waiting times are long

The optimal location for the startup also requires that certain participants are not taken advantage of and have a short journey, while other participants have to spend several hours in the bus, train or plane. “In my opinion, it is only fair to the employees if all participants are treated equally and no one is taken advantage of, for example by a short journey,” writes company founder Hieronimi in a blog post about the founding of his startup.

Accordingly, even in his previous job in a managerial position in a medical technology company, he found it idle to go on a lot of business trips. Often the cheapest flights have been booked, but it has not been taken into account that this, for example, increases transfer times, which is on the nerves of travelers and lowers productivity and motivation. In addition, the waiting times mean higher personnel costs for a company.

Reduce CO2 emissions by up to 40 percent

When it comes to finding the ideal meeting location, his startup’s software also takes into account the indirect travel costs that arise, for example, when waiting at the airport. In addition, when planning, the software also shows how large the CO2 emissions are at the respective meeting location, including travel. According to CONVIEN, companies could reduce their carbon footprint by 40 percent per meeting.

The startup has set itself the goal of reducing travel costs and CO2 emissions on business trips while at the same time improving the productivity of the participants. The idea of ​​the startup should appeal to many companies that often hold meetings. Because if costs and time can be saved, that is always a plus for companies.Redaktion


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