The perfect resume doesn’t make sense

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Warren Buffett, one of the richest people in the world, explains what really matters on a career path. In any case, it is not the complete résumé.

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The race for the best job – or even a good job after graduation – is hot: Many believe that they have particularly good chances with the perfect résumé. That’s why every minute of your career is planned through.

Do what you love

Almost 20 years ago, in 2001, billionaire Warren Buffett saw topicality in the subject of the “perfect résumé”. Buffett, who founded his first company “Buffett Partnership” at the age of 25 and later the listed company Berkshire Hathaway took over, is also called “the oracle of Omaha” due to its success on the stock exchange.

In 2001 he gave a speech to students at the University of Georgia in the USA. Before they came to the related Q&A, he told an anecdote: He had just arrived at the airport and asked the person who picked him up why he hadn’t chosen another profession. When replied that it would be the perfect addition to the résumé, Buffett asked only when would he start doing what he likes. Waiting until you’re old is nonsense, Buffett explained in his speech.

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“Work for the person you admire most”

The billionaire thinks it’s much better to work for someone you admire: “You can’t get a bad result. You’ll jump out of bed in the morning and have fun.”

Because those who have fun are motivated, active, hang in more and thus automatically become more productive. Those who have fun also stand out from the crowd and can assert themselves. Good grades and a few good performances are not enough, says Buffett. “We look for three things when we hire someone. We look for intelligence, we look for initiative or energy, and we look for integrity.”

Fun is the way to success

So if you really want to be successful, you should do what you like. It is easy to imagine how the attempt to make a career in an unpopular profession works: getting up tormented every morning, going to work in a bad mood, working way too much and really only wanting to quit. At some point the burnout comes because the work just got too much – and that ends your career.

Buffett, who is known for his keen business acumen, can be believed when it comes to career tips. And in his speech at the University of Georgia he added: “In the business world, people are most successful who do what they love.”


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