The PSOE asks the PP to “definitively break” with Vox and support the Government in the state of alarm

The PSOE asks the PP to

Adriana Lastra

Adriana Lastra

The deputy secretary general of the PSOE and parliamentary spokesperson, Adriana Lastra, asked the Popular Party this Saturday and “directly” to its leader, Pablo Casado, who breaks “definitively” with Vox and joins behind the Government in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic and when the declaration of a new state of alarm is expected.

In a conference on Ecological and Digital Transformation of the PSOE, Lastra harangued the leader of PP to which shows with “facts” that “his words from a few days ago were not just propaganda”. “It is time for the Popular Party to join this joint response to the pandemic and abandon, once and for all, the politics of confrontation,” he defended.

“Break with the undemocratic far right that for too long has embraced and entrusted cities and governments. Break with those who call the fight against climate change a scam. Break with the ‘Iberian Trumpism’ that puts the health of Spaniards at risk today with the pandemic and tomorrow with the climate emergency. Break definitively with these flat earthers of the 21st century ”, stated Lastra.

For number two of the PSOE, if the PP takes those steps, “The people of Madrid, Murcia and Andalusia will thank you. Future generations too ” for which he urged him to “really open the path of moderation, responsibility and dialogue to which he committed himself” during the past debate on Vox’s motion of no confidence in Congress.

Lastra blamed the PP leader that “there are institutions that have been blocked for years by their vetoes, there are urgent measures to be approved in the fight against the pandemic, there are budgets to be approved at the most important moment in the history of our democracy ”and, he added,“ there are autonomies that are collaborating in a joint response, led by the Government, to a situation that worsens hour after hour and the PP communities cannot stay apart, as if the pandemic did not affect them ”.

There is not a Spain of one party and another Spain of another party, there is a Spain that has to face the pandemic united ”, he indicated. In this way, he asked the PP to second the requests to the Government of several autonomous communities – none governed by the Popular Party – to decree the state of alarm in order to apply more restrictive measures to stop the contagion of Covid-19.

“It is time for the Popular Party join this joint response to the pandemic and abandon, once and for all, the politics of confrontation. We continue waiting for you, Mr. Casado, in the facts, the responsibility and the agreements ”, concluded Lastra in the presentation of a ‘green plan’ in the PSOE.


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