The Queen calls Harry to London. But he doesn’t want Meghan Markle

 The Queen calls Harry to London. But he doesn't want Meghan Markle

Other problems are looming on the horizon for the British royal family. And once again the exes ended up in the center of the storm Dukes of Sussex. Light years away from London and all from the rigors of the building, they now live in Los Angeles waiting to be able to resume at full speed all the activities and all the initiatives that have been paused due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Principe Harry together with Meghan, even if he still appears visibly clumsy and plastered in the first video-conferences as a former prince, he is trying to re-tie the threads of his life. But it is not easy, because according to what has been leaked on the net, the Regina he would have summoned his nephew to London for a very thorny issue, which is creating various discontent in the family.


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In a few weeks, a private interview should take place between Prince Harry and the Queen to try to put an end to the whole issue related to the expenses of the renovation of the Frogmore Cottage, the estate of the two dukes in which they lived for just under a year before the Megxit. An interview, however, to which only the Prince was invited. Meghan was not included because, as the sources report, it seems that the Queen has all intentions to talk to his nephew without Markle being able to intervene. The invitation came like a cold shower to the two former dukes. From what it seems the staff of the Cottage are very angry with the Prince because, to date, the provisions for the new renovations and, above all, who will have to pay the bill are still unknown. Although many report that it will be the dukes to do so. At the Palace it is rumored that the Sovereign is very angry with her nephew and it seems that she has every intention of seeing us clearly in the situation. But the story has a twist.

Other well-informed sources reveal a very different motivation. The sovereign would have asked for an interview to talk about policy. The dukes, in fact, recently have publicly exposed themselves against Trump’s policies and supporting the work of Biden in the upcoming presidential elections. Even Harry like Meghan supported the challenger and the Queen would not have digested this media exposure of the nephew. The Prince, in fact, according to British law, is still an English citizen and not having an American passport he cannot yet expose himself publicly in political matters. The Queen’s call is pine of anger. All that remains is to wait for developments.


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