The queue goes on! Anitta reveals that she dates “a different person every week”

 The queue goes on! Anitta reveals that she dates

Reaping the fruits of his international career, Anitta gave an interview to the North American magazine “Hola!” The “powerful one” was on the cover of the October issue and took the opportunity to give an interview about her intimacy. And she made it clear: the line is moving.

++ Anitta reveals that she has lived a relationship with three

Asked about many boyfriends, Anitta replied: “Many! Every month a different person or every week ”, revealed the singer. “I believe in marriage. It is something that should happen to me at some point, ”he said.

With no time to make mistakes, the singer also explained that she is not so demanding in choosing her partner. What does a person need to please him? “In fact, it is with anyone who loves me and is good for me. I don’t care about things, if you are from the market, if you are rich, poor… I don’t care about that ”, he said.

Recently, Anitta confessed that she has already lived a “trisal” in Germany. “I had a relationship with two Germans. I met one on Tinder and his friend was really cute! Then I said: ‘your friend is also incredible. Are we going to date the three of us? ‘ The three of us went to the restaurant, dating together. People did not understand anything. I hugged one, gave a hand to one, gave a hand to another… They took it, it was all! They were going to come to Brazil, but the pandemic came… We have a group, called ‘the babies’ ”.

The singer has been single since the end of her relationship with presenter Gui Araújo.

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