The Quick Resume will work even if you turn off the Xbox

The Quick Resume will work even if you turn off the Xbox

The Quick Resume will work even if you turn off the Xbox

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The Quick Resume will work even if you turn off the Xbox

Microsoft has already spoken to us several times about its Quick Resume function, which allows you to resume our game directly and switch from one game to another without waiting.

Most of the time, you will only switch between games, or maybe switch between three. However, the Quick Resume feature will remember the games you’ve played well even after turning off the console. This was just announced by Alanah Pearce on Twitter:

“I have seen several people ask what the point of the Quick Resume feature is. To put it simply, the games can be restarted directly even after turning off the console. It’s not just a matter of alternating between 3 games in an hour, you can alternate between three games over an entire WEEK for example.

Xbox Series X – Quick Resume Tech Demo

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Additionally: you can unplug the Xbox Series X and the Quick Resume will still work.”

(Once the console is reconnected).

The Xbox Series S and X will be released on November 10th.


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