The reason why the Shark doesn’t play friendlies

The reason why the Shark doesn't play friendlies

Holes and a new way to prepare for the championship.

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Holes and a new way to prepare for the championship.

In case of Aldosivi it’s curious. While the rest of the First teams add minutes of friendlies and they are put to the test for the start of the Professional League, the Shark refines his football isolated from his future rivals. His trainer, Guillermo Hoyos, has a bet and a different script than his peers. Although he must assemble no less than ten reinforcements to the squad, the search is to do it internally and not with preparation meetings. Thus, he will arrive at the beginning of the championship without the stick that another club can provide him. Why? Let’s see…

The point is that the DT carries some football trauma from another era and does not want to take risks again. Relativizes the importance of friendlies at the end of the preseason and, on its balance, puts more things at risk than they contribute. “Experience tells me that it is not good to play so many friendlies due to the appearance of injuries due to lack of coordination and fatigue. We have lost players in other clubs for six or eight months. You can have a very good pre-season without playing games against opponents who are They come to show. The boys among them in the practices get sparks“Hoyos told the Marca Deportiva website.

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But, in addition, for the coach, the fact of not spending time facing other rivals allows him to pay more attention to his own. And so he expressed it in dialogue with the Capital of Mar del Plata: “We instead of making friendlies against other teams we prefer to play against the kids of the club, to know them. “And what possibilities does it have …” Argentines are working here, they called me from Unión de Santa Fe, Santamarina, Godoy Cruz, workshops to play in Buenos Aires … It happens that we lack work. Many times it is believed that evolution is from one day to the next and this is not magic. It costs to put together a team. May it grow and develop. Many times the training hours are more important than those friendlies, “he said.

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Of course, the pingos will be seen on the court when the official competition begins. And there Hoyos will be able to demonstrate (or not) his postulates of preparation and if he managed to oil a machinery with ten new pieces, since Jonathan Zacaría, Jonathan Schunke, Joel Carli, Fernando Villalba, Federico Milo, Franco Perinciolo arrived at Aldosivi during this recess. Matías Villarreal, Felipe Rodríguez, Lautaro Rinaldi and Malcom Braida.


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