The Regions: “Online lessons for high school”. But Azzolina: “We don’t talk about it”

 The Regions:

Get high school kids back to follow lessons remotely in order to reduce the load on board the means of transport. This is the proposal made by the Regions during the control room with the government on the measures to be included in the next Dpcm against the spread of Coronavirus. Giovanni Toti made clear the intention of some governors: in light of the increase in infections and the overcrowding of public transport, it was suggested to the executive to transform distance learning some of the upper classes as children can stay home alone without affecting family needs. “It would be quite coherent to think also of public transport, since even today a real plan to increase it by the government has not been prepared”, explained the president of Liguria.


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“We don’t talk about it” is the quotation marks attributed by La Repubblica to Lucia Azzolina. The line of the Minister of Education has always been clear: the priority remains the school in the presence, to be considered unique and irreplaceable. It is no coincidence that a sharp no came from him. Also because he believes that school-related outbreaks are contained, that the protocols are working and that the causes of contagion among students they should often be found in external contexts. She is also convinced that parents and students intend to attend in attendance, as promised for months by the Giallorossi. But in the meantime, Prime Minister Conte has not categorically closed this scenario and is thinking about it: for the moment the government has limited itself to taking note of the project, postponing the evaluation and dedicating not to include this solution in the new Dpcm which replaces the one expiring on October 15th.

The Regions insistThe situation, however, is becoming increasingly tense and the issue could arise again in the next few hours: the governors are pressing for a quick solution on the transport local people, now under pressure for a month due to physical return to school. The hope would be to reduce the capacity to 50%, but this would only be possible by returning to online lessons. The arm wrestling may not be over. Indeed, it seems destined to become more and more intense. In fact, the Regions would not be willing to give up and therefore could raise the case again tomorrow, Wednesday 14 October, at the meeting organized with the Minister of Transport Paola De Micheli.

The game between governors and the state remains open: the restoration of distance learning is now on the table and certainly will not be done away with very easily. In fact, Luca Zaia does not seem to bow his head to the refusal of the government: “If you cut the seats in public transport again, all that remains is to leave the older students at home”. The fact is that Conte will face yet another in the next few days bivio: less crowded public transport for everyone, again locking up 2 and a half million children at home or flooded transport with a high risk of contagion?


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