The residences of the Galician elderly add 484 cases of coronavirus, 9 less

The residences of the Galician elderly add 484 cases of coronavirus, 9 less

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A Coruña, Oct 18 (EFE) .- The residences of the Galician elderly counted this Sunday a total of 484 active cases of coronavirus -9 less than yesterday-, of which 357 are users and 127 are workers, with 14 registrations and 5 positive, according to data from the Galician Health Service and the Department of Social Policy.

In the last 24 hours, in which no deaths related to these centers have been counted, three users of the Ballesol de Oleiros residence (A Coruña) have been added to the calculation; a worker from Quercus de Leiro (Ourense), and an employee from Os Gozos, in O Pereiro de Aguiar (Ourense).

Also, 7 workers from the residence of O Incio (Lugo) have been removed from the list due to negativity; two users of the Torrente Ballester in A Coruña; two employees of the Nosa Señora do Socorro residence, in Arnoia (Ourense); a worker from Santa María de Melón (Ourense); an employee of a center in Muíños (Ourense), and a worker at the Santiago Apóstol de Vilamarín residence (Ourense).

The number of infected seniors is 357 (one more than yesterday), of which 160 users are in Os Gozos, in O Pereiro de Aguiar; 79 in the DomusVi of Outeiro de Rei (Lugo); 49 in Val de Monterrei; 33 in Nosa Señora do Viso, in Lobeira (Ourense); 9 in the Santa Marta de Vigo; 9 in Las Salinas, in Ourense, and 6 in the Ballesol de Oleiros.

There are also three cases between users in the Torrente Ballester in A Coruña; three in the DomusVi of Oleiros; three at the Virgen Blanca residence in Ourense; an elder in a geriatric hospital in Arteixo (A Coruña); a user in the Pepe Isa II of Entrimo and a last major in the residence Nosa Señora dos Milagres of Barbadás (Ourense).

Regarding workers, a total of 127 (10 less than yesterday) have the virus, so that the largest outbreak is still in the Os Gozos residence in O Pereiro de Aguiar, with 47 infected; followed by Val de Monterrei, with 16; the DomusVi of Outeiro de Rei, with 11; the Ballesol de Oleiros, with 7; Nosa Señora do Viso, in Lobeira, with 6; the Virgen Blanca, with 3, and the residence Os Miragres de Barbadás, with 3.

They register two employees with covid-19 in San José de Ourense; Las Salinas de Ourense; the José Otero Foundation residence in Santiago; the CRAPD I of Vigo; the Orpea Lugo; the residence of O Incio; Nosa Señora do Rosario, in A Cañiza (Pontevedra), and Casa Grande de Maside (Ourense).

Apart from these data, in the province of Lugo, DomusVi de Viveiro registers a worker with covid-19; while that of A Coruña has two centers with an infected employee, the Volta do Castro residence in Santiago, and the DomusVi in Oleiros.

In the province of Ourense, the Nosa Señora do Socorro de Arnoia residence hall registers a contagion in an employee; Our Lady of Fatima, in O Barco de Valdeorras; the DomusVi Barra de Miño, in Coles; the nursing home with dependency in O Carballiño; the residence for the elderly with autonomy in O Carballiño; the Querqus of Leiro; Dacon, in Maside; the Santa María de Verín residence; the DomusVi of Ourense; and the San Martín de A Mezquita.

Furthermore, in Pontevedra, the CRAPD Vigo II; the DomusVi of Ribadumia; the Campolongo in Pontevedra, the Nuestra Señora de Los Dolores de Forcarei residence and the Vistahermosa residence in Vigo each registered one infected worker.

As for the disability care centers, the cases have risen to 9, due to the fact that this Sunday the positives of two employees and two workers of the center for people with physical disabilities DomusVi de Bóveda (Lugo) have been added. There is a third user with covid-19, who is in the Ricardo Baró de Aspronaga residence in Oleiros.

In addition, they counted an employee with coronavirus the Pai Menni of Betanzos; the San Vicente de Paúl, in Lugo; the Juan Vidán Torres residence for people with disabilities, in Santiago, and the Aspace residence in Sada.

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