“The risks of hyperinflation are getting higher”


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“The risks of hyperinflation are getting higher,” he says. Gabriel Rubinstein, title of GRA Consultant before PROFILE. “The best hope to avoid them would be due to two major factors – he assures – which have to do with negotiations with the International Monetary Fund oblige the National Government to set a clear, concrete and credible course, “he explains

Second, the economist understands that the other important factor would be that “the president Alberto Fernandez stop looking like the Chief of Cabinet of Cristina Kirchner, to become a strong president, much more supported by moderate Peronism that in the Patria Institute, with a Cabinet and officials much more solid and reliable than the current ones “, he analyzes.

Indec: September inflation was 2.8%

“If these factors fail, the fear and anguish of many Argentines may end in a dynamic of permanent rise in exchange rate gaps, which would lead to the collapse of the official exchange market (MULC), with the Central Bank beginning to prohibit imports and almost zero sale of export dollars. From there we would go to high and disorderly devaluations in a process similar to the one witnessed in 1989 “says Rubinstein.

In this scenario, for the analyst “the phantoms of breach of deposit contracts, both in pesos and in dollars, would come back crudely,” completes the head of GRA Consultora, which once again appears at the top of the REM ranking prepared BCRA, among all the local and international consulting firms that participate in it. It should also be remembered that Rubinstein was the one who anticipated in News Magazine, the 2001 crisis, the corralito and pesification.



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