the routine to follow each evening to avoid them

the routine to follow each evening to avoid them

Did you know that certain habits taken at the right time can have an impact on your wrinkles? Sleep, food, facial gym … With Dr Paul Dupont, dermatologist, we review 7 tips to follow before going to bed to keep beautiful skin. Your face will say thank you!

Particularly feared by the fairer sex, rides result from the progressive loss of elasticity of the skin. There are two types of wrinkles: “expression” wrinkles (or “dynamic wrinkles”), which are linked to repeated contractions of the muscles of the face, and “aging wrinkles”, or “static wrinkles”. The latter result from sagging skin related to age and the effects of external aging factors such as the sun.

It is often at the arrival of the thirties that certain expression lines, such as frown lines, how to make their appearance. This is a sign that your skin is starting to lose its elasticity.

Contrary to popular belief, wrinkles are not inevitable. They are not only synonymous with old age. Our lifestyle can also be felt on our face. By adopting certain good habits on a daily basis, you can really take action on the elasticity of your skin and prevent or reduce your fine lines. We talk about the routine to adopt every evening after 50 years to achieve this, with Dr Paul Dupont, dermatologist in Toulouse and author of Soigner sa skin au naturel (ed. Eyrolles).

Against wrinkles, cook foods rich in vitamin C

“Wrinkles can be linked to certain vitamin deficiencies and trace elements, explains Dr Paul Dupont. Vitamins C and C2, as well as manganese are involved in the maintenance of connective tissue. Vitamins D and K in its renewal. While phospholipids such as those in marine lecithin have an anti-wrinkle effect by keeping the skin supple and elastic. Studies have shown that their deficiency accelerates the appearance of wrinkles by loss of adhesion between the skin and the fatty layers “.

Anti-wrinkle foods rich in vitamin C and antioxidants

Vitamin C is renowned for its virtues antioxidants and accelerates the synthesis of collagen (a compound in the skin that gives it resistance). In addition, it stimulates microcirculation, and therefore good tissue oxygenation.

We like to focus on citrus fruits such as kiwi or lemon, but also on avocado, mackerel, herring, carrot, spinach, eggplant, tomato, fennel, sweet potato, basil, l onion, hazelnut, olive oil and pomegranate.

Rich in omega 3s and antioxidants, these foods counteract inflammation and oxidative stress. Obviously this list is not exhaustive.

People who don’t have a healthy lifestyle tend to look a lot older

Food plays a role of choice in the appearance of wrinkles and the aging of the skin. Unhealthy diet can actually make you age before you age. Many scientific studies moreover go in this direction.

This is particularly the case of an international study (published in 2013) carried out over eight years with 585 Spanish, British and Chinese women. The latter were asked about their lifestyle (from eating to brushing teeth), then were photographed so that their age could be estimated. Verdict: Women who did not have a very healthy lifestyle looked much older than they actually were. EuropConclusion of the researchers: lifestyle influences our appearance by 33% and therefore the appearance of wrinkles.

Diet is not the only factor to take into account. We evoke following pages other good habits to adopt especially before sleeping, to prevent skin aging.

Tobacco: wash your face at night if you were in a smoky place

Skin aging linked to smoking is visible on the face. Studies carried out on skin cells have already shown that tobacco smoke extracts modify the activity of proteins regulating the renewal of skin cells, matrix metalloproteinases. Every puff of cigarette smoke gives off 200,000 free radicals which will attack the skin cells and have effects on the eye area and the skin of the face as a whole: appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, thickening of the skin and grayish complexion …

Smoke oxidizes epidermal cells

“Cigarette smoke oxidizes epidermal cells and decreases the cohesion between dermis and epidermis, which is the cause of rides. Tobacco also makes the complexion more dull, explains Dr Dupont. That’s why I recommend washing your face well if you’ve spent the evening or the day in a smoky place. “

Alcohol promotes wrinkles in the long run

The dermatologist also warns us against the alcohol. “Avoid consuming alcohol too often at night,” he explains. diuretic. It therefore loses mineral salts and water. As a result, the skin will tend to dry out and this will promote wrinkles in the long run. ”

Don’t skip makeup removal

Wrinkles: the routine to follow every night to avoid them

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Wrinkles: the routine to follow every night to avoid them

Sometimes you skip the box makeup removal the evening ? Sometimes, after a long day, you may be tempted to go to bed without going to the bathroom. Fatal mistake for your skin! This will directly impact the health of your epidermis.

Dead skin accumulated during the day remains trapped

If you keep your face powder to sleep, the layer deposited on the epidermis acts as a mask asphyxiant. It is the open door to imperfections and wrinkles. The skin triggers two very distinct day and night mechanisms. If during the day it forms a barrier against aggression, which allows it to support the foundation, during the night the cells regenerate. If the face is not cleaned, the dead skin accumulated during the day remain trapped in the foundation, which, at the same time, cuts off the regeneration cycle. In lack of oxygen, the skin becomes a breeding ground for the proliferation of harmful bacteria.

The pores are dilated, the collagen is degraded and the wrinkles settle more easily.

Go for the facial gym

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The facial gym allows to re-muscle or relax certain areas of the face. Series of movements and stretches of the facial muscles, mainly around the eyes and jaws, will redraw the oval of the face, plump the contour of the lips, tone the muscles of the neck or even slow down the aging of the epidermis.

These facial exercises can be practiced once the wrinkles are already present, but also in prevention. Ideally, you should start the facial gym from the age of 20, to push back the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Concretely, facial gymnastics consists of invigorating the muscles of the face. We also talk about facial yoga.

Open your mouth and say the vowels A – E – I- O- U- Y

“Facial gymnastics are very useful for fighting wrinkles, softening the face and strengthen muscles that maintain the shape of the face without sagging, explains Dr. Dupont. It can also be useful for teething and for the whole body posture “.

If you want to try out the facial gym, stand in front of your bathroom mirror before bed. Shoulders back, lift your chin. Orient your face towards the ceiling. In this position, slowly and normally open and close your mouth, feeling the tension in your neck. This exercise will tone your neck.

To smooth your forehead, pull your hair up and look straight ahead. Slowly lower the eyebrows, but without bringing them together. Close your eyes while still holding the top of the forehead which remains smooth.

To tone your entire face, open your mouth wide and pronounce all the vowels: A – E – I- O- U- Y.

Wrinkles: turn off your screens two hours before sleeping

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Believe it or not, screens have their share of responsibility for the appearance of our wrinkles. In question ? The blue light they release. It can induce stress oxidative on the skin. In any case, this was determined by a scientific study.

Blue light damages DNA, collagen and elastin

Being exposed to screens permanently could thus contribute to the acceleration of pigmentation changes and cause wrinkles. Called high-energy visible light (HEV) by scientists, blue light comes, of course, from our smartphones, but also from the screens of laptops and tablets.

Blue light can induce a oxidative stress on the skin. Oxidation is the gradual damage to the skin which produces free radicals. These unstable electrons accelerate the process of skin aging. And for good reason, blue light would have a wavelength even more powerful than the rays emitted by the sun. It can therefore penetrate the skin more deeply and damage the DNA of cells, but also collagen and elastin, these layers that keep the skin firm and supple. If the damage persists, wrinkles appear.

Screen: lack of sleep is one of the leading causes of bags under the eyes

In addition, there is no denying the negative impact of screens on our sleep.

Or, le lack of sleep is one of the primary causes of the appearance of bags under the eyes. Fatigue tends to mark the face. For a good restful sleep, go to bed at set times and log out of screens at least two hours before. “Screens and lamps with intense blue light can indeed affect sight and the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone,” recalls Dr. Dupont.

Bet on a night care to hydrate your skin

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The lack of hydration also promotes the appearance of wrinkles. It is important to drink enough water each day to avoid this inconvenience. In addition, you should ideally bet on a night care for the face, to be applied before bedtime.

Night care: the power of vitamin E

“For night care, use a product to hydrate your skin that can provide vitamins E or add vegetable vitamin E directly after the moisturizing milk on areas at risk of wrinkles “, recommends Dr. Dupont.

It is essential to moisturize your face in the evening, but also in the morning. “We avoid chemical products that irritate the eyelids as well as any hygiene product containing thiazolinone, gels as well as creams that are too greasy”, explains Dr Dupont.

Avoid lying on your stomach

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Did you know that some sleeping positions could influence the appearance of wrinkles? In any case, this is shown by experts who indicate that some would be more inclined to cause the appearance of signs of aging.

Sleep on your stomach: you promote wrinkles, fine lines and folds in the neck

Scientists interviewed by Coveteur indicate that sleep on your stomach has more tendency to cause wrinkles than a night spent on the back. Sleeping on your stomach would promote the premature development of fine lines and wrinkles but also folds in the neck.

In question ? The pillow cover rubs against the skin, which even tends to create more wrinkles on one profile than the other, depending on the preferred side taken during sleep.

In addition, when your cheek rests on the pillowcase, its fabric absorbs the creams and facials applied upstream. As a result, the skin does not benefit from their benefits and some of the assets end up in the fiber of the fabric.


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