The Sanatorium revealed the cause of the death of Hugo Arana

The Sanatorium revealed the cause of the death of Hugo Arana

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Hugo Arana’s death caused a commotion both within the artistic environment and outside it. The name of the Colegiales Sanatorium He was also widely named in the networks and some speak of malpractice. Amid the pain caused by the death of the 77-year-old actor, the medical establishment issued a statement providing details of the outcome.

Hugo Arana had been taken by his son to the Sanatorio Colegiales due to a blow to the head that the actor had suffered at home in September. The actor did not arrive at the medical center with symptoms, but within the framework of the protocols that are carried out, the pertinent study was carried out.

The family did not know if he contracted the disease before, on the way from the house to the sanatorium, in the ambulance or in the guard, but a swab was done and Positive Covid-19 was detected already hospitalized.

Hours after the news of the actor’s death was known, and with the name of the place resonating loudly, the Sanatorio Colegiales released a statement with details of the artist’s latest.

“We regret to inform that today at 0.30 hours the death of Mr. Ricardo Hugo Arana. Mr. Arana entered the Sanatorium on 09/27/20 as a result of a syncope at his home, “begins the statement released by the medical center.

And he continues: “Among several studies that were carried out upon admission, those corresponding to chest images were compatible with covid infection, which was corroborated in the PRC swab that was carried out below “.

Finally, they referred to the outcome of the beloved actor: “The patient remained isolated and with all the necessary care for a Covid picture. High complexity studies were being carried out in relation to his severe cardiological history, until today where died of sudden cardiac arrest“, closed the statement signed by the Medical Director of the Sanatorium, Dr. Maria Cristina Lacunza.

Official statement on the death of Hugo Arana

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Official statement on the death of Hugo Arana



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