“The Security Car hurt us”


Pérez, 4º at the Nürburgring (PHOTO: Glenn Dunbar / Pirelli)

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Pérez, 4º at the Nürburgring (PHOTO: Glenn Dunbar / Pirelli)

Sergio Perez he finished fourth in the Eifel F1 Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, although the appearance of the Safety Car left him wondering about the possibility of a podium.

Everything seemed to indicate that Mexican would have the advantage in the closing of the event, having tires in better condition than those of Daniel Ricciardo; However, the abandonment of Lando Norris left them both on equal footing, giving the Australian the advantage.

“I think without the Safety Car we had a much better chance of being on the podium today,” he said. “The Safety Car came out and it certainly hurt us a lot, we couldn’t fight so much with Ricciardo anymore.”

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“Even so, in the restart we were very close, but I couldn’t get through. We were very even with the Renault, the team did a great job, we read the conditions very well, we knew they were very different from what we had had all year, so I think that was the key today ”.

Perez, who started in ninth place, was the protagonist of some of the tightest matches in the competition, especially against Norris himself, whom he chased in the first half of the round.

By executing a plan of a single entry to the pits, which he fulfilled on lap 28, the Guadalajara benefited from the problems of the British McLaren, from the Valtteri Bottas and the inferiority of the cars of Charles Leclerc and Alex Albon to move up to 4th and start attacking Ricciardo, who took him just over 14 seconds.

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With great rhythm, lap by lap, he was cutting the pilot of Renault, but turn 44, Norris generated the neutralization of the event. Here, both Sergio and Ricciardo took the opportunity to get into pits for fresh tires.

Despite the final attack, the difference remained between 1 and 1.5 seconds from the relaunch, but never long enough to use the DRS system.

Further, Racing Point had a round afternoon, since Nico Hulkenberg, who replaced Lance Stroll, finished eighth after starting at the end of the grid.

“Finishing 4th is a good result and the team did a great job to enter a race full of unknowns and read the conditions very well,” he said.


“I am pleased to see that Nico also scores points and we ended up turning what could have been a really difficult day into a good result. The car is working well and we can be proud of our recovery today.

“I hope Lance recovered soon and we have him back in Portugal.”

It is the second fourth place of the year for Pérez, emulating what he did two weeks ago in Russia, which catapults him to fifth place in the standings with 68 points, 10 behind Ricciardo.

In addition, he reached 15 consecutive races in points, equaling his best mark in F1, and together with Lewis Hamilton they are the only ones to have added in all the races in which they have seen action this season.

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