The spicy tweet of Patricia Sosa while Valeria Lynch was in PH

The spicy tweet of Patricia Sosa while Valeria Lynch was in PH

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A technical problem in streaming that Valeria Lynch he was going to perform led to the culmination of his years-long friendship with Patricia Sosa, who accuses her of playing dirty and putting her new date on the same day and time as her, forcing her to reschedule her show. This Saturday, while Lynch made a discharge on the subject, Sosa responded through the network with a spicy tweet.

In August, in dialogue with Intruders, Patricia Sosa ended her friendship with Valeria Lynch and accused her of being a traitor and disloyal. The artists had distanced themselves in 2017, and reconciled some time later, but Lynch’s latest action angered Sosa. “It makes me sick for the ugly betrayal of who is supposedly your friend and that nothing matters to him (…) Oscar called the ticketera and they told him that they were not responsible, that it was the artist who chose the date and that he did not want to move from there, ”Patricia explained at the time.

After several cross statements, this Saturday, invited to We can talk (Telefe), Valeria Lynch gave his version of events to Andy Kusnetzoff. “I did not fight, she ignored and was misinformed about everything that happened”, He began by saying, and added that he sent WhatsApp messages to both Patricia and Oscar Mediavilla but they blocked her and never listened to “the proposal” he had to make to them.

When the host told him that in the previous broadcast Patricia had been in the program and they had shown him a picture of both together and that he had been “distraught”, Lynch was blunt: “He must have done something wrong.” He then explained that it was the platform that changed the date to the same day and time as Patricia and not her.

“I knew it was the weekend, but I didn’t remember that it was also Friday. I hung up with the one on the platform and asked myself when Patricia was there. I called her and told her that we were going to find a solution, and she told me that Yes, because it hurt her. I told her ‘give me some time and we’ll solve it,’ “said Valeria.

And he continued: “Throughout the afternoon we were thinking about how we were doing. We were going to do our show an hour before, we were going to bring up songs, shorten it, so as not to step on her and we had even thought about empowering ourselves and being able to get a game out of this singing together . Me getting into his show, because we were totally on the same platform “he continued.

Patricia Sosa and Valeria Lynch

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Patricia Sosa and Valeria Lynch

“I made that proposal to nothing because he did something as childish as a blockade. You don’t do that, you listen, you go to your friend and tell her. Also, there are things about his attitude that I didn’t like. Spend bills on TV shows, I don’t think. And now I go out to talk because I have no other. I don’t want to get into the mud, I have a very long career, where I never used anyone and nothing to show what I do, “he said.

Then, being honest, Lynch said: “I love her. Do you think I stop loving someone from one day to the next? No, I love her. Now, don’t take a toll on me that you went to my mom’s wake, it’s not I don’t like that attitude. I love her but full stop, for me it’s full stop“, he sentenced.

Finally, Valeria Lynch was blunt: “I did not do anything wrong. That same day of the show, Martín Bossi was there, and did you hear him say ‘Patricia and Valeria took the date from me! ”, Continued the 68-year-old singer.

These statements made Patricia Sosa, 64 years old, went out to the crossing during the cycle, shared a tweet that the Telefe account issued about that moment and expressed: “Who do you believe? This is very sad”.



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