The strange press conference of Luis Enrique from a taxi

The strange press conference of Luis Enrique from a taxi

Luis Enrique, Spain coach.

Luis Enrique, Spain coach.

The new reality we live in has led us to change all the paradigms of our lives Y of course, football is no exception, a world in which more surreal situations are experienced every day, like the one he experienced Luis Enrique, Spain coach.

During the remote press conference after the victory of “La Roja” against Switzerland 1-0 and that allows him to be leader of Group 4 of the European Nations League, one of the journalists questioned the coach … from the comfort of a taxi … and with your girlfriend by your side!

“This is amazing. Good evening coach, we are in a Cabify “The journalist Julio Suárez greeted Luis Enrique before the incredulity of the coach who asked him to focus on the car to see who was accompanying him.

By showing the back of the vehicle, his girlfriend appeared, the also journalist Elisa Laso and the coach continued with the game: “Your girlfriend … well, let your girlfriend ask the question. Ask what you want “.

“It’s Elisa Laso, she’s from Sevilla so I could ask you about Jesus Navas”, the reporter, who broke the ice in a very unconventional press conference, answered him very skillfully.

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