the strength of Galway to rise from the financial disaster

the strength of Galway to rise from the financial disaster

For Fergal Hynes of the Druid Theater in Galway, Ireland, 2020 should have been a bumper year, an opportunity to show his best work to as many people as possible. A missed opportunity due to the pandemic.

Galway, Irlanda

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Galway, Irlanda

The theater, however, is trying to react, as the CEO explains to our microphones: “Covid has had an impact on everything we do, but in turn we have responded in the most positive way possible. We believe that people have a right to a first-class theater. We will continue to give it to them where possible. Our funding model has changed, but we will continue to adapt to ensure that previous commitments can still be met.

A budget of 18 million euros has been spent so far since Galway Capital of Culture committee. The organizers have had to improvise and drastically reduce the calendar of events, but they are on track to realize 70% of the program. “We are delivering what we promised when we won the tender in 2016,” says Marilyn Gaughan-Reddan, head of Galway 2020. “We are working with all our local cultural partners and delivering the program. This is what we are at. committed to doing in 2016 and that is what we are doing “.

Galway’s local economy, which has 80,000 inhabitants, has lost almost a billion euros due to Covid. But the city is determined to recover. “I think all cities, in Ireland and everywhere in the world, have to fight harder to make their mark, to recover this year and next year’s losses,” says Kenny Deery, CEO of the Galway Chamber of Commerce . “We will remain in this situation until a vaccine is found and the cities that will have supported the most their activities, their artists, their industry, to have greater stability, waiting for the vaccine, will win, so to speak. invest, expand and make sure people are protected now they will be the ones who will recover faster. ”

The city of Galway has lost just under a billion euros in revenues, due to restrictions imposed since March. But despite this, the city is determined and hopes for a vigorous global push to recover economically over the next three to five years.


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