the supplier ‘cuts’ the water supply

the supplier 'cuts' the water supply

The site where the new Tesla Gigafactory is under construction near Berlin. Sean Gallup / Getty Images)

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The site where the new Tesla Gigafactory is under construction near Berlin. Sean Gallup / Getty Images)

Failure to pay un account of 15,000 euros (is the figure reported by did triggering the suspension of the water supply to the Gigafactory site Tesla in Grünheide, near Berlin.

“We cannot and want to treat Tesla differently from other customers,” explained Sandra Ponesky, spokesperson for the supplier company, the Wasserverband Strausberg-Erkner. His statement is one of those destined to go around the world because just a few weeks ago Elon Musk, during his lightning visit to Tesla’s first European plant, praised the speed with which the construction work was proceeding.

Provisional authorizations only

The South African-born manager explained that a fifth of the Gigafactory had already been completed: the first bulldozers had begun to operate at the end of May. He also had failed to specify that any advancement benefited from provisional authorization. Because the final green light on the Environmental Impact Assessment is not there yet. And citizens ed environmentalists do not hide concerns precisely in relation to the water supply.

Strausberg-Erkner closed the taps on Thursday. Tesla, just like other customers, had received several payment reminders. After the deadline, the company suspended the supply to the yard (the Gigafactory is an investment of around 4 billion euros which should lead to creation of 12,000 jobs, including induced), which risks being closed for one or two days. That is, the “technical times” for the manual reactivation of the service after the bill has been settled.

Half-paid investment by FCA

Also according to the rumors collected by the local media, the Californian builder did not deliberately fail to pay the bill. It would have been a “communication” problem between the German and American computer systems. To which we could add the times of intercontinental transfers. And to think that only the day before the same utility company had formalized the signing of a contract for 1.5 million cubic meters of drinking water per year and the disposal of wastewater with Tesla.

Musk has set himself an ambitious goal: in the German Gigafactory production should start as early as next summer (from June) and every day of forced blocking risks postponing deadlines. Around 500,000 vehicles are expected to be manufactured annually in Grünheide, including a revised version of the Model Y. Thanks to the agreement with FCA on the integration of its European sales volumes of electric cars to reduce average CO2 emissions and avoid fines, Tesla would collect about two billion euros, at least according to the Financial Times. It means that half of the investment for the construction of the Gigafactory is supported by the Italian-American group.


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