The three best thrillers of fall 2020

The three best thrillers of fall 2020

Despite all the caution that you are exercising due to the diabolical corona virus, you can still be infected by my recommendation for high voltage in October with a clear conscience. Because I recommend three thrillers full of suspense and thrills with a guarantee of contagion!

Pure excitement: the three best thrillers in autumn 2020 istockphoto

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Pure excitement: the three best thrillers in autumn 2020 istockphoto

What do electronic language assistants, Germany’s most exciting metropolis and the picturesque province on the Schleswig-Holstein Baltic Sea coast have in common? Well, the answer is as simple as it is nerve-wracking and can be summed up in one word: murder!

“The Voice” from SK Tremayne

In his current thriller, SK Tremayne, who was born in the south-west of England, takes up questions that we have all asked ourselves before. How much do the “Alexas” of this world really know about us? And what exactly do they do with all the information that they collect as silent and mostly unnoticed listeners every day in our apartments and houses?

After her divorce, 33-year-old Jo moved in with her best friend Tabitha, and various “home assistants” support everyday life in her apartment. Jo feels lonely and therefore likes to talk to the devices. When the digital voice assistant “Electra” speaks to her without being asked, Jo is shocked. Electra claims her listener killed a certain Jamie and ran away afterwards. There is no way harmless software can know the worst thing that ever happened to Jo! Or does it?

SK Tremayne is a master at creating subtle horror, which he called “The Voice.” once again impressively demonstrates. You can find more information about the successful bestselling author on his page Publisher.

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“Nobody is forgiven” by Martin Krist

At our first meeting in 2016, I learned more from Martin Krist about the life of a crime writer in thirty minutes than in previous years from the press and books. This is mainly due to his special way of telling stories, which can also be found in each of his books. With “Nobody is forgiven” Krist presents another terrifyingly realistic crime thriller that can be summed up in three words: Hard. Exciting. Disturbing.

This message is your death. – Anna-Louisa’s world is like a dream: married to her childhood sweetheart, a gorgeous daughter, success at work. But then she receives an anonymous message. What seems like a joke soon turns out to be a nightmare of lies, intrigue and murder. Who else can she trust? And who wants to destroy their life?

Martin Krist, born in 1971, lives in Berlin and worked for many years as a senior editor before he published his first crime thriller in 2005. You can find more information about the successful author, including what connects him with Sido and Nina Hagen, on his Homepage.

“Heidesturm: A Case for Inka Brandt” by Angela L. Forster

Since I myself have spent the last three summers in Travemünde and thus practically around the corner from Timmendorfer Strand, Angela L. Forster cast a spell over me with her latest thriller from the first page. Because this is exactly where she is sending her investigator, Chief Inspector Inka Brandt, in her fourth case.

A great storm, a cold-blooded murder. The Hanstedter chief inspector Inka Brandt had actually planned a vacation with her daughter Paula on Föhr. The suitcases are packed, but then the severed head of the heather beekeeper Ludwig Wittendorf lies in a beach chair on Timmendorfer Strand. Inka travels to Schleswig-Holstein and begins investigating with her former Lübeck colleagues. Who beheaded Wittendorf? An act equivalent to an execution. And what did a heather beekeeper want in the biggest storm on the Baltic Sea? When deer blood is found on the edge of the neck of the head, the question arises: Did a heather hunter murder a heather beekeeper? Inka drives back to the Lüneburg Heath and soon comes dangerously close to the perpetrator.

With Heidesturm Angela L. Forster continues the series around Chief Inspector Inka Brandt in the usual exciting manner. The likeable author knows how to captivate her growing audience, as with the three predecessors in the series. That makes you want more and I’m really looking forward to many more exciting books from the Lüneburg Heath. You can find more information about Angela L. Forster and her books on her Facebook site.

As always, I hope you enjoy reading and look forward to your feedback!

Your Florian Schwiecker


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