The time came for Mercado Libre

The time came for Mercado Libre


In his inauguration speech of Mail Purchases today, the owner of Argentine Mail, Vanesa Piesciorovski, said that this project to make an e-commerce platform had been presented in 2015 and that after that date “Things happened”, hinting that in the previous administration this idea had been put aside.

However, if you look at the Annual Report of the accounting statements of the Argentine Mail of December 15, 2018, there it is recognized that the sharp decline in the postal business of letters and it is noted that “The parcel market driven by new trends in electronic commerce shows considerable growth both in the local and international markets. The Official Mail of the Argentine Republic has the possibility to continue capturing this market, not only as a genuine source of income but also as a way to benefit the entire community ”.

A business like this is not structured in a few months, and less in the middle of a pandemic (the Post office had several delegations closed for several days due to cases of coronavirus that occurred among its employees).

But, if that were the case, the appearance of Correo Compras takes place in a very particular setting that La Cámpora always puts into practice.: take the competition out of the game.

It happened with Latam, the main airline in South America, which from Aerolineas Argentinas made his life impossible with the unions and with the obstacles that they put to make use of the Aeroparque facilities.

Now the look is set on Mercado Libre.

They not only practically forced their owner, Marcos Galperin, to leave the country and settle in Uruguay.

The truckers’ guild he runs Hugo moyano It planted a blockage in one of its plants, which prevented the company from being able to send products that its customers had bought in a timely manner.[M1] .

Now, it appeared Juan Cabandié, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, who is in charge of applying a “corrective” to Mercado Libre for selling a hat with a jaguar skin band or saying that a dog that is sold on the platform is “used.” Maybe it will be because the pet is offended.

These moves, knowing how many officials of this Government act, they don’t seem to be casual.

It is not enough that the Argentine Mail is state-owned and has greater facility to reach remote parts of the country faster, forming almost a monopoly like YPF. Lastly, the competition is healthy.

The problem is when you want to destroy your competitors not only because of the support they have from the State and its subsidies, but for concrete actions so that there are no more large Argentine companies or multinationals.



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