The trendy short hairstyle of the models and celebrities

The trendy short hairstyle of the models and celebrities

The bowl cut is experiencing a modern comeback as a trend hairstyle. What the short hairstyle looks like, who it looks like and how it is styled. All information here!

bowl cut

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bowl cut

What is a bowl cut?

Many people probably still know the bowl cut as the pot cut and prescribe it somewhere for unloved children’s hairstyles or long-outdated 60s style. Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! In keeping with its new title, “Bowl Cut”, the hairstyle in which cut the hair once around the head to the same length a modern makeover: Models and celebrities like Kaia Gerber have rediscovered the bowl cut and make it not only socially acceptable, but also an absolute trend hairstyle. Who suits the short hairstyle, how to style it best and from which celebrities we can get the best inspiration? We’ll tell you!

Bowl cut: where does the hairstyle come from?

The pioneer in bowl cut was Mary Quant in the 1960s. The fashion designer not only invented the mini skirt (she apparently liked it short …), but also shaped the short hairstyle, which, like a helmet or a mushroom, was cut precisely and round the ears. The whole thing was created by Star Hairdresser Vidal Sassoon and was entitled “Five-Point Style”.

Which face shape is the bowl cut?

The bowl cut is not flattering for every type due to its strict, round shape. Rather round faces do yourself no favors with the look. The good thing is: the trendy short hairstyle is interpreted so differently today and offers a lot of creativity when it comes to styling, so that every face shape can interpret the bowl cut for itself.

Bowl cut for oval to angular facesCongratulations, you are predestined for the bowl cut. The look can be very classic here. Means: The hair is cut in a line just above the ear. You can also play with the length so that the hair ends a little above the ear – this is particularly hip and you definitely have the faces to wear it. By the way, this version is not so suitable for wavy and naturally frizzy hair.

Bowl cut for heart-shaped faces

You like slightly grown bowl cuts that are more in the direction of Long Bob go well. So the look is not too harsh and hugs your face shape nicely. This short hairstyle is particularly great for all ladies with restless hair structure.

Bowl cut for round faces

You should stay away from the classic version of the short hairstyle. You can play wonderfully with textures, colors and levels. Loosen up your version of the bowl cut with accents and make sure that you avoid smooth cuts and finishes. Your hair structure is also irrelevant here.

How is the bowl cut cut and styled?

Depending on the shape of your face and your taste, you can wear the bowl cut classically elegant or more edgy casual. In any case, you should have the look cut by a professional, as precision is crucial here. Then you don’t need more than:

  • a hair dryer, straightening iron or diffuser

  • a suitable styling product

  • a brush

Wonderfully easy, this look. You can then decide: Would you like a shorter version with the hair ending in a line around the head just above the ear? This look is very futuristic and goes great with one Gloss or shine spray as a finish. Alternatively, you can wear a slightly longer version of the bowl cut and loosen it up with color accents and, if necessary, small steps. In this case, after washing, the hair is dried with a diffuser and then with a styling cream or a Texture Spray brought into shape. That also gives structure. Simply distribute the product in your hands or hair and work it in loosely with your fingers. If the bowl cut is too extravagant for you (it should also match your personality …), it’s best to try one first Short Bob and rounded edges – this is definitely going in the right direction and is a soft start.

Bowl cut: these stars show how it is done

The celebrities and models are the ones Short hairstyle Has been a household name for a long time, so, for example, top model Naomi Campbell presented the look in 2007. The 2010 bowl cut also gave Rihanna’s stage outfit a rocky twist. Zendaya’s hairstyle at the Met-Gala 2016 (Good olf Pre-Corona-Times …) and Charlize Theron, who recently discovered the cut for herself, is more current. Models like Kaia Gerber also show themselves on the runways with the trendy bowl cut. Here are the most beautiful pictures:

When so many stars, models and designers celebrate the bowl cut, we should also dare to go a little more extravagant to our hairstyle!


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