The use of electric fleets in Mexico advances

The use of electric fleets in Mexico advances

The use of electric fleets in our country it begins to accelerate significantly, according to Manuel Tamayo Rotzinger, CEO of Element Fleet Management Mexico.


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During the virtual edition of the Fleet Latam Conference 2020, Tamayo highlighted that Mexico has 50 percent of the electric car market in Latin America.

Added to this are markets such as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Costa Rica, which also have a commercial offer of this type of units for consumers.

In his presentation, the manager pointed out that although the adoption of this type of vehicle is something that is still slow, the 1% of global sales during 2019 is progress.

At the business level, the use of electric fleets represents savings and that leads to cost reduction.

The reduction of fuel costs and the carbon footprint, as well as greater safety and technology in electric cars have been factors that they take into account.

Electric fleets begin to grow

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Electric fleets begin to grow

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What does it take to have more electric fleets in Mexico?

However, there are still significant challenges to overcome in order for use to be electric fleets keep moving forward in our country.

The most important has to do with the infrastructure, since charging stations are needed in nearby places for it to be functional to have an electric fleet.

In general, the sales of hybrid and electric vehicles have shown a growth of 260% worldwide.

This contrasts with the drop in sales of units that use fossil fuels, between 2016 and 2019.

However, price parity between an internal combustion vehicle and an electric vehicle is expected to be reached in 2025.

Tamayo pointed out that the European and Chinese markets represent 70% of electric car sales in 2019.

This is due to regulations related to carbon dioxide emissions and vehicular traffic in large cities.

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