The whole world loves these ten German cakes

The whole world loves these ten German cakes

Cake specialties from Germany are known all over the world. Here are the top 10 most popular German cakes and tarts

Which cakes are particularly popular? ISTOCKPHOTO

Which cakes are particularly popular? ISTOCKPHOTO

Germany is not only famous for good bread, beer and bratwurst, but also for delicious cakes. Those that are particularly popular around the world are loud “Taste Atlas”, a kind of interactive world map for local specialties and authentic dishes, the following ten:

Place 10: Agnes-Bernauer-Torte

The Agnes-Bernauer-Torte is a specialty from the Krönner confectionery in Straubing, Bavaria, and is only available there and from selected partners (the full list can be found here). The cake was created in honor of Agnes Bernauer, wife of Duke Albrecht, who was sentenced to death in 1435. And how does the treat of the same name taste? The layer cake consists of several nut and meringue bases and is filled with a fine coffee buttercream.

9th place: egg pancake

The Eierschecke (a cake specialty from Saxony and Thuringia) is a sheet cake with three layers. The base is a yeast dough base, followed by a creamy quark and vanilla pudding layer and at the very top is the fluffy piebald mixture, which consists of egg yolk, butter, sugar, vanilla pudding and whipped egg white. Delicious!

8th place: bee sting

Bee sting is fluffy yeast dough with fine vanilla pudding or cream and a caramelized almond sugar topping. But where did the bee sting get its name from?

According to a legend, Emperor Friedrich III. a dispute between the citizens of Andernach and the neighboring city of Linz on the Rhine. The reason: He transferred the lucrative Rhine toll from Linz to Andernach. This annoyed the citizens of Linz so much that they wanted to attack the residents of Andernach in their sleep in the early hours of the morning. Two Andernach baker’s apprentices happened to be walking along the city wall around this time and nibbling honey from the beehives. When they saw the attackers from Linz, they threw the beehives at them and the Linzers fled. To celebrate the victory, a special cake was baked – the bee sting.

How about a muffin-shaped bee sting?

Rank 7: poppy seed cake

Video: This is how the “Pumpernickel Parfait” is prepared (Kabel1)

Poppyseed cakes are available in various designs, for example from a tray or springform pan, with crumble or icing, sometimes with raisins or apples. Already knew? According to both the German and the Austrian food book at least 20 percent poppy seeds be included in the filling. Only then can the cake be officially called poppy seed cake.

Goes super fast: the lightning poppy seed cake with chocolate icing

6th place: butter cake

Butter cake consists mainly of yeast, sugar, butter, flour and milk and is decorated with almond flakes. Characteristic of the cake are the hollows on the surface, which are created when you press hollows into the yeast dough with your fingers, which are then filled with butter flakes.

5th place: Baumkuchen

The tree cake is known as the “king of cakes” and is difficult to produce because of its many layers. A real tree cake is baked in layers on a rotating skewer, the so-called roller. In the past, this was done over a wood fire, today there are specially designed baking appliances that are heated electrically or with gas. The dough is applied and baked in around ten to 20 individual layers. As a result, the layers in the finished cake resemble the annual rings on a tree. Finally, it is coated with couverture.

4th place: Donauwelle

The Danube Wave consists of a light and a dark sponge layer, which is supposed to indicate the waves of the Danube, and fruity sour cherries. There is buttercream on top, and the top is a crispy dark chocolate couverture.

3rd place: apple pie

There are countless varieties of apple pie, for example apple pie from the tray, apple crumble pie or sunken apple pie. Sometimes the apples are diced, sometimes sliced, depending on the region, the cake is dusted with cinnamon sugar or poured with vanilla pudding. The fact is: the apple pie has many fans – both in Germany and abroad.

Why don’t you try our apple pie from the pan

2nd place: cheesecake

A thin layer of shortcrust pastry and a creamy mixture of quark and eggs make up the delicious cheesecake. The classic German cheesecake should not be confused with an American cheesecake. The cheesecake often has a biscuit base, consists mainly of cream cheese instead of quark and is often baked in a water bath, whereas cheesecake goes into the oven without a water bath.

Not a German, but a Japanese cheesecake, but also super delicious!

1st place: Black Forest cake

The Black Forest cake is a beloved classic and known all over the world. There are even shops in Shanghai, the USA and Australia that sell the “Black Forest Cake”. The main components are chocolate sponge cake bases soaked in kirsch, as well as buttercream or cream, cherries and chocolate flakes.

By the way, there are various theories about the origin of the name: For example, the kirsch, which comes from the Black Forest, could have helped the name. Another theory says that the colors of the cake represent the typical Black Forest Bollenhut costume, which consists of a black dress, a white blouse and a red Bollenhut.


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