the women behind the CHEFFES x Hello Ernest festival

the women behind the CHEFFES x Hello Ernest festival

ELLE à Table is teaming up with the “A Poêle” podcast to help you discover the world of a cook 48 hours in advance. Today, a bit special episode, since it was during the “CHEFFES” festival organized by the solidarity association Hello Ernest last September that Julie Gerbet left her microphone lying around. A sound documentary during which the question of gender – being a female chef – in the restaurant industry is obviously at the heart of the debates.

Cheffes Festival

© Pablo Porlan / Hans Lucas
Cheffes Festival

To answer it, several speakers like the director of the association, Marie Gerin-Jean, the journalist Estérelle Payany as well as six Parisian chefs (Marion Goettlé, Laura Dalsheimer, Manon Fleury, Eleonora Zuliani, Clara Mondy and Julie Caute).

Representativeness, visibility and diversity; the imagination of the chef; adopting a masculine attitude to integrate more easily; become self-employed to stop working with idiots; not be confined to household and maternal cooking; having unconsciously chosen to work only with women; power relations instigated by male domination; the absence of difference between feminine and masculine cuisine; family life ; see this status as a political positioning, so many subjects on which the guests will linger.

Confidences that we invite you to savor here exclusively for 48 hours, before this podcast is broadcast on traditional listening platforms.


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