The world’s largest museum of classic cars is in a forest

The world's largest museum of classic cars is in a forest

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Old Car City in White, Georgia contains the largest known classic car dump in the world. A unique place, rich in the vegetation typical of much of the southern United States. The vehicles (cars, trucks, vans and even some school buses) are about 4 thousand, all camouflaged among the leaves, dry branches, trees and bushes. The history of the museum begins in 1931 when a small emporium was born in that area. Then, as today, it is still family owned.

“Come and enjoy the Old South environment, folk art, the ghosts of beautiful vintage cars and much more“, reads the website. The museum organization, in fact, has decided to focus on the” old style “atmosphere created around these objects affected by the passage of time.

“Over the past 80 years, thousands of photographers, videographers, advertising agencies and the media have visited Old Car City USA. Popular magazines and newspaper companies, such as CBS Sunday Morning, The New York Times, the BBC and Georgia Public Television, they told about this place by spreading the images all over the world “, they say with pride.

Among the many cars in Old Car City USA, there is the last car bought by Elvis Presley in 1977, just a couple of months before he died. Additionally, a film with Andy Griffith and Johnny Cash used one of the cars housed in the museum.


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