There is a part of the body that should never be washed

There is a part of the body that should never be washed

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It may sound strange and even a little disgusting. Yet, according to experts, there is a very specific part of our body that you should never cleanse yourself, nor in the shower, nor in front of the bathroom mirror. Because causing injury there would be extremely easy; and because at the same time that part of us would be able to cleanse itself independently according to its own needs.

We are talking about the ears, apparently much more threatened by cotton swabs and the like than by earwax. An American study published in the scientific journal The Journal of Pediatrics highlighted the risks of cleaning your ears the wrong way: according to Dr. Kris Jatana, one of the authors of the research, the cotton swab not only tends to interfere with the proper functioning of the eardrum by pushing out earwax in depth, but it also risks damaging it in many ways.

The study, in particular, looked at data from 263 children who were hospitalized between 1990 and 2010 for eardrum injuries or severe ear pain. Otitis, eardrum damage, earwax infections and blockages were caused in most cases, about 73%, by improper use of the cotton swab. This is a danger to the health of our body, as pointed out by the authors of the study, which was first reported in 1972, but apparently did not change the habits of millions and millions of people around the world. Yes, but how do we keep our ears clean? According to Dr. Jatana, the ears would be able to clean themselves perfectly, precisely by expelling earwax. To get rid of it, you should limit yourself to a very delicate wash with water and possibly only use the cotton swab to remove the most superficial residues.

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