‘There is nothing he cannot achieve’

'There is nothing he cannot achieve'

After Brazil’s 4-2 victory over Peru this Tuesday in the South American qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup, the world sports press melted in praise to striker Neymar.

Neymar celebrates after scoring for Brazil over Peru

Neymar celebrates after scoring for Brazil over Peru

Author of a hat-trick in the match, the number 10 canarinho reached 64 goals with the shirt of the selection and equaled none other than Ronaldo “Phenomenon” as the 2nd highest scorer in the history of the national team.

Now, there are 13 more to match Pelé, the “King of Football”, who scored 77 with a green and yellow jersey.

The performance of the PSG was highly praised by the Argentine newspaper Ole, who also called it “Phenomenon” and pointed out that it was Brazil’s great differentiator in a match in which Peru “gave the soul” to win and created many difficulties.

“Peru played his soul in Lima, and managed to score two goals in Brazil, which led the team to perspire. But nobody can face players like Neymar, who play, assist, touch, dribble and make possible what others do not. succeed “, he wrote.

“Tite’s shirt 10 was once again the commander, the distinguished man, who arms and scores. triplet made him overcome that which was an animal, the real ‘Phenomenon’: Ronaldo. The PSG star has now reached 64 goals, two more than ex-shirt 9, and now he will try to reach 77 for Pelé, Brazil’s greatest scorer “, he recalled.

Commentator analyzed Brazil's victory, against Brazil, against Peru

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Commentator analyzed Brazil’s victory, against Brazil, against Peru

The newspaper Brand, from Spain, analyzed that Tite’s team did not have “collective brilliance” against the Peruvians, and pointed out Neymar as a defining factor of victory.

“Brazil achieved its 2nd triumph in the qualifiers, even without much collective brightness. The result puts the team as leader of the table, in a night that Neymar will never forget”, he stressed.

“It was the night he overcame one of his idols. Now, he just needs to reach Pelé, with 77 goals. But there is nothing that shirt 10 cannot achieve. Because Neymar, at this level, is a true phenomenon”, finished.


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