“There will be a red wave never seen before, we will win”


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President Trump is in Ocala, north of Orlando, for his second meeting in Florida. Large crowd, which waited for him for hours. The enthusiasm of the Republican base is one of the reasons that continue to worry the strategists of the dem campaigndespite Joe Biden’s advantage in the polls. “Four more years”, “we love you”, Trump supporters shout, many are without masks. “Incredible, there are 18 days left, we will win the elections”, says Trump in a rally in which the president evokes the result of 2016 and asks once again the “floridians” to “drain the swamp”. “Drain the swamp”, comments Trump, who adds: “We are running against the media, against the left and against big techs.” With Joe Biden, he adds, “there is 99% of Silicon Valley”.

With Biden “the US owned by China”

Then the warning: if the democratic challenger Joe Biden wins “the US will be possessed by China”. Trump urges his constituents: “Get out and go vote.” Biden “for 47 years sent your jobs abroad – he warned – and closed your factories”.

Biden and “corrupt” family

Biden’s campaign “has no enthusiasm, the only one is the one against us, and usually doesn’t win, because it’s called negative enthusiasm”. Donald Trump in the rally in Ocala focuses on one of the themes of the campaign finale, the enthusiasm of the electoral bases of the Republicans and Democrats. The GOP base appears much more motivated than the DEM base, as evidenced by the polls on the support of militants for candidates. Anyhow, Biden remains clearly ahead in the national averages of the presidential race. Trump stressed this essential point of the final race for the White House, could be decisive. Meanwhile, the president accuses Biden and his family of being “corrupt”. And when he attacks his son Hunter in particular, the unleashed supporters chant “lock him up”, the same used in 2016 against Hillary Clinton.

Running against the press

Then the president lashed out at the media which “are enemies of the people”. Recalling having coined the expression “Fake News” four years ago, the president reports that he has also added the adjective “corrupt” to “fake”. The tycoon claims to run not only against Biden but also against the press.

Hope Hicks on stage, cheers from the crowd

Trump supporters ask for “Hope” and on stage The Donald calls her, Hope Hicks, his White House advisor who was the first coronavirus infection of the president’s staff. “She’s shy but not that much,” Trump says as he waits for her. In great shape, smiling, gray dress, sleeveless, sixties style, a little retro, diva glasses, Hicks wows the crowd and confesses: “The stage freezes me”. It is a symbolic passage of the Trump rally in Ocala, more important than imagined, because it has a precise political meaning, opposite to the democratic campaign: on the stage there are two infected with coronavirus who have recovered.

Obama alongside Biden? I’m not afraid

Former President Barack Obama alongside Joe Biden in the final rush of the election campaign? Donald Trump flaunts confidence and declares that he is not afraid because Obama had spent himself, unsuccessfully, also for the Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton in 2016. “Obama didn’t do the endorsement (to Biden) because he knew what he had in his head” was the tycoon’s thrust during a Make America Great Again rally, referring to Obama’s endorsement that came only after Biden he had won the Democratic primary. The former president, according to press reports, will join Biden in Philadelphia next week. Also in Philadelphia, Obama spoke at the Democratic convention that awarded Biden the nomination.


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