These 3 styling mistakes will make you look older

These 3 styling mistakes will make you look older

Styling has a huge impact on how old you are valued. If you don’t want to look older than you actually are, you should avoid these three styling mistakes

Oversized pearl jewelry iStockphoto

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Oversized pearl jewelry iStockphoto

Skin-colored tights

Are you still following your grandmother’s advice and wearing skin-colored tights with your dress? Say goodbye to it. Skin-colored tights seldom match the skin tone and are then not as invisible as they should be. Instead, choose tights in bordeaux or matt black, eye-catching socks or just do without them completely.

You can read here how you can use optical tricks to look a little slimmer.

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Pearls, whether on the ear or as a necklace, often have a conservative and conservative effect in everyday life and therefore cheat one or the other year of life. If you don’t want to do without your beloved pearl studs, combine them with a leather jacket and boyfriend jeans. To the evening dress instead rely on chain layering, that’s what all women of fashion currently love.

The wrong color choice

Colors have a big impact on our appearance. Colors that don’t match our complexion or hair color make us look pale and pale, which in turn makes us look older. This is where you can find out what color type you are.

By the way, experts want to know that there is a color that suits every woman – Light Blue!


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