These 5 cardigans are totally hip in autumn & winter 2020

These 5 cardigans are totally hip in autumn & winter 2020

These 5 cardigans are totally hip in autumn & winter 2020

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These 5 cardigans are totally hip in autumn & winter 2020

In autumn and winter we snuggle up in stylish cardigans. We show the best five models and reveal how you can combine the cardigans.One cardigan united two practical advantages: In autumn it can be used as a jacket replacement, in winter it keeps us twice as warm under our coat. Another clear plus point of cardigans: When worn open, we can style our favorite shirt with it.

These 5 cardigans are a fashion trend in winter 2020

We’ll show you five most beautiful models of the season and explain how you can combine the trend pieces.

1. Oversize-Cardigan

Oversized cardigans aren’t just trendy – they are too superbquem. In combination with a white blouse they even match jogging pants and sneakers. So that the outfit doesn’t look too much like you got off the sofa, definitely on the correct fit of the jogging pants pay attention (so not too far) and the cardigan in a classic Beige tone choose.

Tracksuits: Jogger meets sweater – this is how you style jogging suits in everyday life

2. Cardigans in pink or lilac

Guaranteed to sell every autumn or winter blues: a cardigan in soft pink or pastel purple. Fit white jeans for a fresh style or for a rockier look: a pair of (synthetic) leather pants. Fit in plain white t-shirt and black ankle boots.

Combine white jeans: it’s so beautiful in autumn and winter!

3. Cardigans in Erdtönen

Cardigans in Erdtönen go with almost every outfit because they are so beautifully simple and unobtrusive. Oversize cut they look more modern, worn openly more casual. For an elegant style, cardigans in Beige, sand or creamif you choose a similar color for the pants. To break up the chic look, you add instead High heels simply chunky boots.

4. Cardigans with an attached collar

We know cute boys’ collars from dresses. Now they adorn Our sweaters and cardigans also have statement collars. As a contrast one sees Jeans cool (by the way, denim and knitwear are always a good choice!). The look looks sexy with you Mini skirt made of (fake) leather.

5. Cardigan with balloon and puff sleeves

Voluminous sleeves on dresses and sweaters have long been on the fashion radar. Decorate this winter Balloon sleeve also our cardigans. The best way to compensate for a slim silhouette is a cardigan Put in jeans or a skirt, high heels in addition – a warm but cool look is ready.

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