These are all the benefits of drinking water in the morning

Quenching your thirst with the first few drinks of water is a trick of your brain

To a greater or lesser degree, we all know to some extent the multiple benefits of drinking water for our Health. In addition to helping us maintain a healthy appearance, it also helps us feel much better on a day-to-day basis without the need to resort to any type of supplement or medication. Still, it is not always ingested properly.

To ensure that our consumption of Water to be as effective as possible, the first thing we must do is identify and avoid most common mistakes when drinking water. Second, it is important to determine when is it better to drink water, and although taking it throughout the day is important to ensure our well-being, there are certain instances in which it is particularly important. The key moment? During the mornings.

What are the benefits of drinking water in the morning?

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Drinking water in the morning has multiple health benefits.

Helps us purify our body when we wake up

Drinking water upon awakening it can help us eliminate toxins, make us feel better and ensure the proper functioning of our body. According to the psychonutritionist, Itziar Digón, drink water in the morning It is particularly beneficial for cleaning our body, since at this time our drainage mechanisms are in a more active state.

Drinking water in the morning helps us purify the body.

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Drinking water in the morning helps us purify the body.

Improves brain function

One of the main benefits of drinking water in the mornings is that this will be responsible for increasing your brain performance during the course of the day. According to a study published in The Journal of Nutrition, Health and Aging There is a relationship between dehydration and a decline in certain brain functions, such as short-term memory and cognitive functions. For this reason, hydrate the body with a glass of water Waking up is important to maintain an optimal mental state from morning to night.


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Helps us eat less during the day

In an interview with Business Insider, the nutritionist and author of the book The One One One Dietcommented that when the body is not optimally hydrated, it is easy to confuse thirst with hunger, which leads some people to eat more food than their body actually needs. For this reason, start the day with a glass of water it will help you eat less and eventually lose weight.

It is good for digestion (when taken hot)

Within a study published in the Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility a group of researchers determined that ingesting Hot water could benefit the digestion of people suffering from intestinal problems, improving your metabolism. This would suggest that we take a glass of hot water in the morning it is able to help us feel less pressure and contractions throughout the day.


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