These are the 8 best beauty hacks for perfect eye make-up

These are the 8 best beauty hacks for perfect eye make-up


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1. Problem with eye make-up: paint the perfect eyeliner curve

We all know the disaster: Unfortunately, adding swallowtails to the eyeliner is not that easy. While one side is still successful, the other simply doesn’t want to work anymore – consequently no trace of symmetry. Fortunately, there’s the bobby pin trick. To do this, place a clip on the corner of your eye and color in the bent tip with an eyeliner pen. Repeat on the other side, et voilà, the even dovetail is ready.

2. Problem with eye make-up: Apply the mascara without blunders

The complete make-up is done and all that’s missing is the mascara? Then it’s all the more annoying when a mistake happens and you have to start all over again. A very mundane kitchen tool can help avoid graffiti: the teaspoon! Simply place the part on which the food is usually placed behind the eyelashes and apply them as usual. So nothing gets on the skin!

3. Problem with eye make-up: Big eyes cheat

To make our eyes look bigger and we look more alert, we use a simple trick: Instead of using our favorite, black or brown kohl, we simply choose a light-colored pencil. White or beige visually enlarge the white of the eyes and make the eyes look larger overall. By the way, stars like Meghan Markle and Heidi Klum swear by it …

4. Problem with eye make-up: Make dark shadows disappear

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Sure, concealer is unbeatable when it comes to covering up dark circles. But there is a second trick that all make-up artists like to use – and it’s called a highlighter. Simply put the shimmer powder over the concealer and under your eyes, and you look more awake. If that’s too much glitter for you, you can just dab the powder on the inner corner of your eye. This also wakes you up and is a great alternative, especially during the day.

5. Problem with eye make-up: making the eye shadow last

If you like to party for a long time, you should remember this trick: so that the eye shadow lasts as long as the party night lasts, paint a base with white kohl. Then apply the desired eye shadow on this base. Acts like a primer and at the same time prevents the paint from bleeding.

6. Problem with eye make-up: attach fake eyelashes

Glue and false eyelashes can be tricky. The glue then hangs everywhere – just not where it should be. As with eyeliner, bobby pins offer the solution here too. Simply pick up the glue with the tip of the hairpin and apply it to the lash line. Then attach the eyelashes as usual.

7. Problem with eye make-up: conjure up a wave of lashes

Are your eyelashes dead straight? Then you can hardly avoid an eyelash curler. Usually the time in the morning looks very short, which is why the pliers often fail to work. Now, however, there is a hack with which you can accelerate the whole eyelash curler procedure and get elegantly curved eyelashes despite the lack of time. To do this, just briefly heat the pliers with the hairdryer and the eyelashes can be shaped in a few seconds.

8. Eye makeup problem: taming your eyebrows

Eyebrows often lead a life of their own, provided they are not just a single line as a legacy from the 80s. However, this can be quickly remedied with this lightning-fast trick. To do this, spray hairspray on an old toothbrush and use the bristles to shape the brows. By the way: The white kohl, which conjures up big eyes and serves as the basis for the eyeshadow, can also help here. Simply paint a little white paint directly under the outer third of the eyebrow, and your eyes will look much more open and your brow will be in top shape.


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