These athletes signed the greatest contracts in history

These athletes signed the greatest contracts in history

Patrick Mahomes, himself one of the greatest National Football League (NFL) quarterbacks we’ve ever seen, is paid like he belongs in a unique class. Sports Illustrated notes that the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback signed a 10-year contract for US $ 503 million in July 2020, the largest in sports history. Given that this is an NFL contract, the issue is a bit more complicated: Technically, it is a $ 450 million extension on top of Mahomes’ existing rookie contract, and the first five years are guaranteed against injury. If the 25-year-old stays with the Chiefs for the duration of the contract, which ends in 2031, Mahomes would then be 36 years old, but there’s a pretty good chance things will adjust along the way. Still, no matter how you break it down, this is a new high mark for sports contracts.


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