these stars reveal their true weight to free themselves from complexes

these stars reveal their true weight to free themselves from complexes

#Danslabalance: these stars reveal their true weight to free themselves from complexes

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#Danslabalance: these stars reveal their true weight to free themselves from complexes

Several French celebrities have decided to unite against the dictates of beauty and “ideal weight”. On Instagram, they revealed their weight to show that “well-being cannot be measured with pounds”. The FitTrack brand is at the origin of this initiative.

On Instagram, FitTrack, a brand of connected scales, has launched a new challenge: she offers to reveal her weight in order to free herself from complexes and no longer have a ball in her stomach before getting on the balance.

Your well-being is not measured in pounds. This powerful number has dictated our way of seeing ourselves for too long. He alone cannot define us so together let’s redefine what being in great shape really means ! ”, detailed the company in an Instagram post.

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A fight against the dictates of beauty

Several celebrities have decided to play the game by posting their weight under the hashtags #mesformeenforme and #danstabalance. On her Instagram, Nabilla posted a photo with the number 56: “Often considered too thin, I could fixate on my weight, but fortunately I am aware that our body is quite simply unique, by its metabolism, its hormones and its genes which determine our well-being “, explained the young woman. She also urged her subscribers to stop fixing on their weight and to accept themselves as they are.

For her part, Camille Lellouche, who revealed to weigh 47 kilos, revealed the negative comments she has often received about her weight: “I had complexes about my weight for almost 10 years, and the people around me were just supporting it. “You are too thin”, “you are too skeletal”, “it looks like my little sister” and so on “ she confided. The comedian recalled that the important thing is to be in shape and feel good about your body.

Rachel Legrain Trapani unveiled the number 45 on the social network. It is not actually its weight but its percentage of muscle mass. The young mother spoke in particular of her difficult relationship with her body and the pressure of the title of Miss France. “Rather plump and far from the criteria of a model, my weight had become an obsession … becoming a mother has reconciled me with my body “ explained the former Miss France.

Comedian Inès Reg also participated in the campaign launched by FitTrack: “61kg is my weight today, I share it with you so that there are no more complexes on this subject. There is no such thing as a perfect body. There is no such thing as an “instagramable” body (… Maybe in a few months I will be 88Kg, 110 kg or 55kg, we don’t care! A number should not represent us. ”

Other celebrities have also taken part in the FitTrack challenge such as Ariane Brodier, Delphine Wespiser, Hapsatou Sy, Martha Gambet and Emy Ltr.

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