These zodiac signs prefer to wear looks in black

These zodiac signs prefer to wear looks in black

Classic, chic and always elegant: outfits made from black fashion pieces just always work. Especially now in the colder months of the year, we prefer to use muted colors again. Pastel pink and mint green come further back in the wardrobe. Our team knows which four zodiac signs prefer to wear black looks all year round Horoscope.

Horoscope: These 4 zodiac signs wear black the most Getty Images

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Horoscope: These 4 zodiac signs wear black the most Getty Images

Fashion horoscope: These 4 zodiac signs prefer to wear black looks

1. Taurus

Of the Taurus prefers it when everything stays the same. Once he has found the right thing for himself, it is difficult for him to get involved in something new. Of course, this also applies to his taste in fashion. The bull feels good in black looks, which is why he prefers to wear them every day. Black power suits are his favorite.

2. Jungfrau

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“Order is half of life”, this saying applies above all to that star sign Virgin. The earth sign would like to express their attitude with their outfit and therefore much rather wear timeless classics than unusual trends in bright colors. Whether at work, at dinner with friends or during sports – in black, the Jungfrau feels stylish and always well dressed.

3. Skorpion

Is it a surprise that the Skorpion like the color black? Rather less! Black has something mysterious about the watermark. This is exactly how he would like to affect others. He would never show his true colors straight away or reveal much about himself. He prefers to observe people first before he gets involved with them. Black is the perfect camouflage color for him. The Scorpio doesn’t stand out too much with it, but it still looks elegant.

4. Steinbock

Capricorn is a very ambitious and orderly person. His career is particularly important to him. Here he not only wants to score with his skills, but also with his demeanor. He feels right at home in business in black looks, but the Capricorn also loves non-color outside of the office (white and black are known to be contrasts and not colors) and wear them up and down. Romantic clothes and simple ankle boots form the dream team for a perfect daytime look.

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